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  • ionlytrade ionlytrade Jul 3, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

    Why Own Facebook?

    What will this stock be worth when Facebook goes the way of MySpace? It's already a dying novelty. How many of you spend less time on Facebook then before? (most of you) How many of your Facebook friends have disappeared because a blank face says their account is closed? (a good number) How many of you have already entertained the thought of cancelling your account and don't feel you would miss it? (most of you)

    So what's left? A bunch of teenagers posting their latest keggers and bong hits. Any of you remember aol chatrooms? They were huge, right? How years ago did they die? I think people are insane to invest in this fad idea that has already peaked and will be replaced.

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    • hopium pumped by the pumpers that this is not the my space model

    • Agree 5 X 5

      I still can't understand the stupidity of a company willing to fork over green to advertise on fadbook. OK have a free page on fakebook, but to actually give fardbook money those guys have got to be stupid.

      no one with any common sense clicks thru ads on fadbook and then goes out and buys something.

      If you want deals or coupons go directly to the company's website.

      user gets nothing by tapping an ad on fadbook.

      Idiot anal-yst who upgrade their firms are front running counting on the stupidity of muppets who fall for the pump n dump

      systrom says no immediate plans to advertise on instagram - still the muppets make up and believe this magical video ad money machine. Morons the lot of em.

      have a good one muppet longs

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