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  • rogerjames55346 rogerjames55346 Jul 25, 2013 2:01 PM Flag

    Facebook "Fat Finger" Earnings Beat

    Mobile revenue TO FACEBOOK was huge, revenue to their advertisers was awful (relative to what they paid for the privilege). More clever lies from Zuck...don't forget...THIS MAN TRIED TO SCREW OVER HIS BEST FRIEND! Imagine what he's gonna do to YOU.

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    • $100+++Next Year

    • boyoword Jul 25, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

      Lawsuits will soon be filed for "insider clicking". FB employees are paid huge salaries and share compensation to click on FB ads. Advertisers will see no ROI after paying huge costs. This will hurt small local businesses the most. Zuckerberg tells "Morty's Wigs" that his advert is getting 100clicks a day, yet he only sells 3 wigs per month. Morty has to sell 37 wigs to pay for 1 click. Poor Morty has become the victim of this crime. He goes belly up and sues Zuckerfuk. Zuckerfuk uses share holder money to pay for legal fees and settlement costs with Morty. Shortly after settlement the SEC halts all trading for FB. FB share holders are begging to be reimbursed. The case heads to the supreme court. Supreme court rules in favor of share holders. FB only has 10Billion in cash, so they cannot afford the Billions and Billions they owe. Obama steps in and says "the American people are victims here", he then makes an executive order to have the US gov't buy FB. Share holders receive half the compensation they deserve.

    • The primary goal of any advertising platform is to convince its clients that its worth it. And it helps when you control all the cards. I just love the FB stats that support their claims of 1.15 billion MAUs. Do people here even realize that this includes millions of automated service calls or mostly hidden interactions with Facebook servers?

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