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  • dytkismystock dytkismystock Sep 1, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    Buy Facebook, forget about it, and in 10 years it will be amazed at what it's worth. Buy what you can.

    I am a 61 year old investor who has been playing the stock market since the 1974 recession, when I was in college. Stocks come and go, but on occasion there is a new investment that can change your life. In the group the biggest moves seemed centered on new technology. Those who invested in MSFT when it became public and held the stock, regardless of the number of shares, became wealthy.

    Facebook is not a fad. This company will be around for decades and those who buy now will rewarded beyond their wildest dream. Forget about all the analysts who say the valuation is to high, BUY FACEBOOK.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Not a fad? It so is a fad. Comparing FB to early MSFT is insane. MSFT provided tools for business to get work done and increase productivity. 61 hey? Well YOU remember the typewriter. Remember how a proposal was done with manually cutting and pasting together documents? Then came word and excel. Then came networking and a whole slew of business products from MSFT.

      WHAT does FB produce? Nothing. It built on the WHOLE premise that people like YOU and me (not me) are willing to share our entire personal information with so called friends and FB, so that MARKY MARK can brag about how STUPID you all are and how he conned everyone into making HIM a multi-billionaire.

      ITS A FAD. Its a classic quintessential example of a FAD!

    • Hey pops

      You may be under the ground long before that..

    • I need to see at least 1 more earnings report to be convinced before I buy more. I am holding a few hundred shares from 34 range and hope you are correct. If you are correct I may miss a nice pop at earnings but thats the price you pay to be safe. All aspects of next earnings will tell if this stock is for real. The insider selling was a factor in me wanting to wait this out.jmho

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I would guess that if you bought on Tuesday and two months later had less than expected earning, it would still be higher than what you paid. This is a long term investment and waiting for one more earnings report makes little sense. I sometimes feel like a pumper, but I think FB has all the potential to be a home rum stock.

      • The insider selling doesn't matter as all involved are selling a very small potion of their holdings. Since the smartest kids in the world are selling, it tells you they have the smartest financial advisors, who would tell anyone to diversify. The kids are selling millions of shares and the price continues to rise. What happens when their sales are completed? More upside on the stock?

        Most of the posting on FB are worthless. Don't get caught up on the daily BS, just buy the stock and hold it. Put it in your 401K, your kids college account or wherever you want to make an investment. FB is in the first inning of a major growth spurt. BUY FACEBOOK.

    • FORREST FOR THE TREES.......PATIENCE is the hardest thing to master.

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