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  • slider5x5 slider5x5 Sep 13, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    AdTrap Could BURY FB and other Aps reliant on Ad Revenue

    I caught Carly Fiorina on CNBC and for once she said something which makes sense - she got wind of a project on kickstarter (fully funded @ 12/8/12) which may have a profound impact on all Aps including FB that rely on Ad revenue for primary source of earnings. AdTrap. Right now it is a little expensive at $139 but if this price is brought down through mass production to below $20 it will be a giant leap forward. AdTrap is hardware you put in front of your router (if you are using one) and strips out all Ad content before it gets to your device. The ads actually run within AdTrap not on your devices and is undetectable by sites like FB. End result is cleaner faster web browsing which protects your privacy and prevents tracking.

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    • do not underestimate this story - you've been warned!

    • Adfree surfing the internet using ADKILLER software or ADKILLER hardware is FB and other Ad dependent models Achilles heel. I have to say that now that I am Ad free the web is so much cleaner and faster. Added benefit is safety from tracking malware and drive by trojans is eliminated.Sweet. For those wanting to try a software solution - try ADBLOCK PLUS. It works flawlessly with Firefox, Chrome and other major browsers. ADBLOCK PLUS for Chrome browser is the most popular ap/extension with over 10 million users and 5 out of 5 star rating. If you want a hardware solution for use on multiple devices on a network try AdTrap. Search youtube for "AdTrap CNN" to see a demonstration of how great this product is in killing ALL ads about 1min 29sec into the video introduced by Erin Burnett.

    • two issues which are problematic for AdTrap to go viral and wipe out the Ad model. 1) the cost per unit is way to high in relation to the current intrusiveness of Ads problem - however this is in flux for example I no longer click on video stories from the weather channel because they force you to sit through a long ad to view the content. I believe the cost for me would have to come down below $20 for me to consider this unless the ads get so much more intrusive like the ones on "The Weather Channel". I really do not notice the ads at all for most sites I visit. 2) Adtrap only works with mobil if you are using wifi via a home based modem setup.

      I did a little snooping on this and apparently sales of AdTrap are doing quite well. Russell told CNN that based on early orders, demand seems incredibly high.

      "I think the success of the product is really showing you how the general public feels right now about the state of advertising," he said.

      So won't AdTrap make advertisers really mad? Russell told CNN that he's already hired a Silicon Valley law firm help him deal with potential fallout.

      If you want to see a demo of the product go to youtube and search adtrap. CNN's Erin Burnett ran a story on AdTrap yesterday which you can find on the above search add cnn to your search "adtrap cnn" and it pulls it to the top - there is a pretty cool demo of how it works on video about 1min 29sec into the video. Top left shows a video without adtrap and the ad which you would have to sit through and bottom right shows the result with AdTrap installed - no ad you go right to the video. Pretty cool.

      This is absolutely a game changer based on that video demo. This is a FB and or Twitter ad based model killer if it catches on and goes viral.

      There are software solutions to the Ad problem - socialfixer and adblocker+ but you have to install on each device you are using whereas with AdTrap it is a single connect between your modem and your router works on all connected devices.

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      • ran out of space on the above post - what is also cool about AdTrap is it is a malware killer. On youtube if you search on "AdTrap" the 1st video which is called up is "AdTrap in Action" which demonstrates this issue very well.

        another point about the software fixes is although free - some of them work to the point that your content will not play. I'll have to check this but I think I have seen this comment from an Opera 12 user using adblocker plus. I think the resolve was to go to Opera 15 but not sure. There is also a lingering question as to whether the software solutions slows down page rendering. I have not seen these issues brought up about social fixer the software that ruprecht uses and likes.

        the software solution if it performs as well as AdTrap has the potential to solving the mobile issue I brought up. But I have heard that some sites are able to detect your use of a software adblocker and may not let you connect.

        there was something else I wanted to say but forgot for now - ck out AdTrap videos on youtube. Very exciting development and definitely a game changer for Ad models.

    • uhoh Looks like the Ad Community is worried about AdTrap if it becomes widely used.

    • Checked it out. This looks like a great product. Bad for those trying to run ads.

    • No! No! No! Don't use this blocker! A PERFECT blocker that is FREE is called "SocialFixer". FREE!!! A cool family guy made it as a public service! Not some JERKS with their greedy little fingers in your pocket. It is readily available from Google Chrome's add on bar. Just load FB via google chrome...and (Google) for help if you need it. My friend is a web designer. And computer nut. He uses SocialFixer.

    • just googled adtrap very interesting, like to hear more comments on it.

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