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  • sam.deanj sam.deanj Dec 1, 2013 2:34 PM Flag

    Conservative figure............

    Facebook conversion rate is 70%.........Holiday sales will propel Facebook to the next level. 60 pps plus in two months.

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    • Only a novice would disagree.

    • Facebook has done to advertising what Apple did with cell phones. Contact Yahoo and ask them how much it would cost to run an effective banner ad campaign on their network of sites. Go to Google, set up a PPC campaign and see how much it cost to run an effective ad campaign. The bigger picture is in the re-marketing. In a traditional re-marketing campaign it will place a cookie on your computer and when you go to visit other sites you'll see another ad related to the site you just visited in an effort to re-market to you. On Facebook you can create an ad which will do the same thing as the above and you will still lose a ton of money or you can create an ad that is directed to your company page. Get a high conversion of folks "liking" your page is where the real value comes in to play. You can re-market to these people for FREE! Well you paid for the initial conversion of "likes", but you aren't paying for each time you have the opportunity to re-advertise to them. Take Coca-Cola for example, with one status update they reach 72million people. Say just 3,000 of their 72 million people who each have 1,000 friends like the status of update. That ONE update reached 3 MILLION people initially. Say 10% of the 3 millions friends of friends also like the photo, video, etc. Now you have an extra 300k people who saw your ad. It grows exponentially!!! The bang for your buck with FB advertising is almost limitless. If a picture or video you create goes viral it could give you millions of free people to advertise to. The good thing about FB is that you don't have to have a 20K+ ad budget to be successful with it. You can be a small business with $500 a month ad budget and do great! $500 with ANY other online advertiser wouldn't get you much. FB stock will only climb higher & higher because the platform they have created allows anyone small or large to advertise to a lot of people for a price no other company can match.

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