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  • jimmmeycrackcorn jimmmeycrackcorn Feb 6, 2014 10:43 AM Flag

    From Twitter's perspective, Facebook will file for bankruptcy protection this year or next....

    The companies that pay Facebook for ads will soon realize it's a waste of money. What does it matter if 2 billion active users a day, when not a single one clicks on the ads let alone buy a thing. Many users even consider the ads to be annoying and will eventually end their Fb accounts. I am about to myself.

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    • look at the TV ads for years it has been a waste and they still do it, most people have a DVR. I don't watch anything live, I haven't seen a commercial in 10 years. the superbowl is the only time people watch the commercials and look what they pay for 30 seconds of advertising. FB's form of advertising is way cheaper for companies.

    • You wrong-If 1-2% of viewres are buying they make $$
      Why they pay so much for ads on TV ......
      Social media /mobil viewing is getting bigger than Tv watchers
      So,whre the advert.are going to..........
      Do the math-No brainer
      FB is the king for
      Sll you shorts before losing all.............

    • jimmyeycrackhead Nice try pal but FB beat everything and 1.3 billion users lolol Nice try I know you lost you A on twtr lolol Get lost loser

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    • But I don't care . . . J - C- C . . . but I don't care . . .

    • modalgod Feb 6, 2014 10:57 AM Flag

      you my friend are a moron, any large company can not afford to not be on FB. I suppose you would not want that kind exposure for your company. Come on be real and get a clue, I bought 5000 shares at $32.00 it could go to $50 and I would still believe in it, it will always be around and is a great tool for people to connect and when major world events happen people all talk about it , if a child is missing people post it and that is a good thing and a major vehicle for getting the word out nothing will ever compare to that alone, please get a freaking clue. If your child was missing what would you do, yes you would post it and pray people share it to reach a huge group for free, you would and you know it

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Oh, bankruptcy stocks are worthless and trade for pennies per share.

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