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  • sc3408 sc3408 Feb 12, 2014 1:37 PM Flag

    if anybody wants to work with me..

    I can work with you privately..all I ask is you be honest in the amount of money you re working with...I will eventually charge, because I am working, I will ask you to shovel your stocks around..i will give you picks with price targets...I will let you keep what you's not me telling you what to do, it's me giving you my best opionon on what I think..and what I think woud be best...reason why I don't charge at first? because what if I'm losing you money? why should I charge you, that doesn't make any sense..i might be partial advisor, but you are the decision trades are more of swing and goal oriented ones..most don't last more then 11 days some last a day..but usually at least 2 days to 11 trading days....more of steady flow of money and trading around and waiting on others as you play others..better rotation and make it more entertaining and exciting to you......get with me if you are interested..i don't use any kind of software or machine...I have spider senses in my brain..
    you know my track record..if you been on this's not the best..but its good enough to make money, if you have your money in a few places...lets see if I can get going the right direction, I know its tough out there, its tough for me also..thats why I don't charge until you are doing well...even then you can say, sorry, thanks for the are never obligated to anything, and there are no's like a babysitting, you needed a sitter.....but just be honest in the money, so I know how much you have and give an opionon on what I think would be do all the action..i never see your account..only you do..i don't make any changes,buys, do that..

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