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  • american_chariot american_chariot Mar 28, 2014 1:07 PM Flag

    How deluded we've become!

    Look at the BILLIONS spent on pure speculation here, yet institutions and buyers are "buying the hype". Any other Co. recklessly spending this kind of dough, on un-proven, speculative ventures, would have been taken to the wood-shed already, but since it's "Zuckerberg" and since he invented (with help), Facebook, which so many people the world-over use, enjoy and like, investors are thinking that he's going to do the same with these "gambling chips". But I'll tell you this, and it is obvious to someone sitting on the sidelines, marveling at the huge over-valuation here, Zuckerberg is doing one thing so very smartly, using his over-priced stock to make huge purchases! That's the genius of these huge expenditures on un-proven revenue models, taking what he knows will deflate , and using it to go on a buying binge, while the shareholders are getting taken for one of the most wily, speculative, goose-chases in the history of modern acquisition.

    You don't throw-around Billions like he's doing and see sound, positive returns. Facebook met a huge need, and still does, it connects people through a web! But these other "experiments" are wildly coerced and wildly, sickenly over-priced! Yet I don't blame him personally, b/c just b/c he's the "youngest, most wealthy billionaire" on the planet, we as a society almost worship him. But as with all demagogues, he will fall, and this far-flung speculative ventures will go down in history as the most vain, most corrupt, near-sighted failures in the history of the modern world! Sounds like I wish the guy harm, I know. Honestly I don't! I just become fearful over a society that sees these extravagant, eccentric, speculations as "sound business decisions". Heck, even Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility pales in comparison to the outlandish, childish, investors-back-driven gambling Zuckerberg is doing!

    Be warned, these are immature, dangerous and reckless uses of capital. All imo!

    PS: Egomania really can go to one's he

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    • I don't believe you are aware of the brave new world in which we are living. In every generation, people have missed the train by thinking as you do. The future belongs to the brave. Zuk isn't making these decisions alone. He has a staff of brainy consultants who evaluate the risk/reward of every move. You way underestimate him. And, FB is doing the same thing AMZN has always done, spending money for future profits.

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