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  • dhfexpress dhfexpress Jul 17, 2014 5:37 PM Flag

    FB revs have peaked goog, lnkd, twtr, amzn , ebay, yhoo etc are all after same $

    FB did a good job getting the piece of pie it did but goog they are not and amzn rhey are not. FB will try to grow via acqusitions but the whatsapp buy will wipe out at least $16b of all gains going foward. FB growth is done regardless what the pumpin analyst guesstimate whose firms are likely selling into their bloated price targets.
    Do yourself a favor and do your DD on liqd whose sales growth has just begun with a possible roi far better than FB by at least 100% or better. Look at price action today on liqd vs fb on just announcement of earnings on July 31....if market hadnt tanked it would of held gain and went higher. GL to those who have sense enough to see FB is done for awhile till it pulls back a good clip. For those who dont see it...just remember you were warned .

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    • Wait til next Q ER when they report the revs from World Cup Adds?

    • GOOG revs this qrt up might be bad sign for FB as that means GOOG is gaining revs from advertising from somewhere. Could it be it's from all the younger crowd FB said they are losing ? As I mentioned in a Previous post about FB losing over 21000 users on average per day due to death rate and it takes a newborn 16 years to reach buying age on Internet the future of FB will be a uphill climb once user base peaks which I believe it has or is very close to doing. I think GOOG earnings rev increase equals decrease in FB revs .... If GOOG revs were down this qrt the opposite would be likely. FB is only able to get the overflow from GOOG , AMZN, eBay and has to compete with Twtr, lknd and all the other online companies looking to do the same. LIQD is a far better ROI than FB at current valuations with LIQD just starting growth and FB at or nearing peak of growth.

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      • Maybe GOOG is taking add rev from YHOO whose display ad revenues declined 6.9% from the comparable quarter of 2013. I guess this was a convenient oversight on your part and wouldn't have helped your anti- FB campaign.

      • You seem to neglect the living who have yet to even experience a smart phone. Overseas is where the growth is, including the population. You can skew stats all you want to favor your position, but for now, keep making noise. The louder you get, the higher the stock goes. You shorts figure out Fridays recovery yet? That might be where you should focus your energy as opposed to death tolls of which remains one person's perspective that every dead person used Facebook. Really? I don't have a Facebook page, yet. So me and the other 6/7 of the planet s population are potential users. Plus you are blowing smoke up your you know what guessing that Facebook survives on competitor revenue overflow, FB near a growth peak. Really? The more you post, the less credible you become..,fast talking car salesman. Try selling swamp land, you'd be good at it.

      • FB has been in existence about a decade. There is growth and prosperity because the company adapts and expands. It has not waited 16 years for newborns to come of age. Or maybe Zuck waited for a growth spurt to start a company.

    • Amzn hasn't made a profit in TWENTY YEARS, fool. FB tripled their profit to $885 million with revenue of $2.5 billion last quarter alone. Do us all a favor and get lost.

    • Chxfhx.... $28 with a mc 135% lower without the company squandering $19b away on an app is a different story than with a mc of $170b trading at almost 20 times sales. Goog had sales of $62 b ttmalmost 7x more than fb and goog tades at just over 6x sales. Are you starting to see the picture now ? NO ....maybe this will help....fb made 8.9b tmm goog $62b ttm yet fb trades at a mc just 2.3x less than goog not 7x less. The posters who you refered to when fb was $28 had no clue how to value a company ....i on the other hand do and 20 c sales is overvalued and paying over 40 times sales for an app is beyond ruin is phrase that comes to mind for a company that made less than half that last year.

    • I don't see it .... nor do I see your comments as worthwhile.

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