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  • workingretiree65 workingretiree65 Jul 18, 2014 1:04 PM Flag

    "BUY" Button in FB and will replace PayPal for Internet Purchases

    Facebook is testing a "BUY" Button into the feed stream for impulse buyers to make purchases; FB will securely store users credit card purchasing information. More significant than impulse buying would be that FB could easily replace PayPal as a preferred method for consumers to execute internet purchases.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • house_at_pooneil_corners house_at_pooneil_corners Jul 20, 2014 9:14 PM Flag

      Anyone hear of Amazon?

    • If the criteria is idiocy and imbeciles then FB has a good shot for Buy Button with their user members. But most thinking individuals will avoid FB buy button. Also the buy button is there for ads which are after the fact anyway so it should fail miserably. FB reads your cookies after you have searched using Google Bing Amazon or walmart and bought what you want then shows you an ad for what you already bought. For the ads based on your likes chances are if you already like something you already have purchased that item. FB offers stale ads that are useless ergo the "BUY Button" just like "Gifts" will fail. The funny thing is the Buy Button if FB is stupid enough to implement it will confirm the uselessness of FB as an ad platform. Hilarious boy genius is about to bite the big one.

    • The buy button isnt enough. Facebook needs to create a payment system, that would be tied into your bank account like paypal. They could call it FacePay or anything and then take a small percentage of each transaction like paypal does. Until they are making a small per cent from each buy click the biuy means nothing. Hopefully thats where they are going with this.

    • I hope paypal goes bk.

    • Yup anll info goes directly to the NSA!

    • FB is putting together the pieces of a gigantic puzzle. Recent changes by FB:

      1. Apply for eCommerce license from Bank of Ireland

      2. Released App Links which allows the FB mobile app to link to a specific page in an app. So if you click an Ad, you can for example, be taken directly to the Amazon mobile app for the product you clicked on and can finalize your purchase.

      3. Showing you ads based on the websites you visit.
      So if you're in the market for a pair of running shoes for example, and you search outside of FB, when you go back to FB you'll see those shoes in your Ads.

      4. Now they add a Buy button and will allow you to store your credit card info with them just like Amazon.

      This is shaping up nicely!

      Just as a side note, my wife buys and sells 2-3 items a month. Mainly toys for the kids. She has completely stopped using craigslist and now uses FB exclusively. She posted our deck furniture for sale and in LITERALLY 45 secs she got 3 users asking to buy it (from one of the local groups). I tried this again with our old dishwasher and within minutes there were several takers. MZ's focus on scale has truly paid off and so will WhatsApp with its half a billion users.

      Food for thought.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Only an imbecile would put their credit card information on FB. The Buy Button will work as effectively as "Gifts"

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