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  • hmmmwhatgives hmmmwhatgives Aug 22, 2014 6:03 PM Flag

    why TWTR, LNKD, YELP strong today & FB not?

    Could be short position covering. Market did not crash today while rates remain the same until further notice. Markets hitting new highs with little reason for major correction. The hype for a retreat failed.
    TWTR is 10% short of float- $30 off 52 wk high
    YELP is 15% short- $20 off high
    LNKD is only 5% but had news today-$30 off high
    FB is 1.97% and dropping bi-weekly- $2 off high

    Excluding the weekly option game, there's few shorts to chase upward moves. Big money is not betting against this stock. If so, they are in and out quickly.
    FB does not fall into the beaten down category where risk appears to be back in play. Upside performance not as hefty as our pummeled competitors. AAPL is somewhat similar @ 1.73% short, but more media attention. How much higher should aaple go as it feeds off the I-6 release? It appears to be more technical now @ 52 week high. No breakout yet. Coincidentally both AAPL and FB are in later stages of cup and handle patterns.

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    • Again you get it right. Who are you? You have a great understanding of FB and, as I now know, all the other tech stocks. Great analogy. So many complain about these other stocks moving higher and FB doing nothing. But they forget these stocks are so far off their highs that there is massive short covering going on because these stocks aren't going any lower. In terms of value and I look at two years out, FB will be reaching new plateaus by the end of the year. After Nov earnings I'm expecting Sandberg & Zuck to give some forward guidance on video ads and other aspects of the business that should help to get the shares to $90 by year's end. Then we have Q4 earnings late late Jan, the best quarter of the year I believe, and then we have the the arrival of $100+. What happens here? I think we have a Google similarity. When GOOG hit $100, in 2 1/2 years it went to $350/share. Then 3 years after that, it doubled to $700 a share. All with a lot less revenue streams than FB has available to it. So the BIG question is, can FB attain revenue growth on both the top AND bottom lines over the following 6 years that make its share price worthy of $700 a share? I'm betting yes. Maybe not $700 a shre in 6 years. But $450-$500 a share in that time frame wouldn't surprise me. So hmmmwhatgives? What do you think? After reading a lot of your posts, I'm very curious to know what YOU think.

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      • GOOG reached $100 the first day it traded and in a little less than a year and a half (late 2005) it reached $350. GOOG reached $700 in a little less than 3-1/2 years (late 2007) from ipo! Just correcting your numbers.

        PPS comparisons are for the birds and have nothing to do with the stock market. FB at 100 is almost 10 times the cap of GOOG at 100. If you really think that pps is valid metric, maybe you should compare it to BRK-A. Why is FB not 200,000? Its a better stock than BRK-A. The bottom line is the market drives FB's value not GOOG nor your fantasy.

        Cashbar, your GOOG numbers are off quite a bit and so is your reasoning. FB is doing well but wishing that it goes where you want it to go is not rationale.

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