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  • coolrim957 coolrim957 Jul 13, 2002 1:12 PM Flag

    IBM rant

    Does anyone actually buy a PC from them for their own use? There are so many retailers in every city that assemble and sell their own low priced systems, not to mention the large retail stores that sell the more visible brands like Compaq, and now Dell making monumental attempts to capture the consumer market. IBM shouldn't even be in the personal computing business. I suspect the only people buying from them are people so out of touch that they have no idea where to get a computer, or what kind to buy, so they get an IBM because they've seen them in their workplace. And we all can't wait for their personal computing division to start selling Blackberry with GoWeb to individuals? Their website sucks, it is laid out like an instruction manual.

    Compaq gets no attention at all, and they have a very prominent display of GoAmerica on their page.

    I suspect that any GoAmerica relationship with IBM will be one where IBM will take all the credit, and require GOAM to keep quiet and stay in the shadows. That of course is ok if it generates revenues.

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    • Actually, you ever try and buy one of their laptops? Seems that most of what they sell they sell themselves and not through the major chains -

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      • I was thinking more about desktops, forgot about about laptops, but I think laptops are still for the most part business related purchases My point is that they probably don't significantly pentrate the consumer market. So the idea that GoAmerica will now move into that consumer market in a big way (which was mentioned here recently) because IBM is selling it in their consumer PC section is probably not realistic. Enterprise sales is still more likely to be helped by the IBM relationship. Of course like everyone else I will keep looking for GOAM/IBM news.