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  • GOOOOOOOOOOOOO GORX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • GORX is gonna report HUGE, GIGANTIC, SWELLING revenues!! They are making a killing on their penis pills. They manuf. them for Albion. Notice how they haven't changed their homepage from Yahoo? Why do you think that is so? Not rocket science...

      VigRX is a huuuuuge seller among men. This stock is gonna rock, kids. Still time to buy in.

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      • GORX Porno Website
        by: buslepp 11/19/02 07:42 pm
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        Company will neither confirm or deny it is running the porno website. I take this as a very big concern to their credibility

        I like GORX the most
        by: ssailingin
        Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy

        08/21/02 01:31 pm
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        No analyst coverage and delivering outstanding earnigs and rev. growth.

        Only seven million outstanding shares.

        Increasing daily volume.

        Sooner than later people and some investing fund will discover this gem and the share price will reach the moon.

        $10,15,20???,everything is possible here.

        by: mark_your_words (36/M)
        Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 08/23/02 04:29 pm
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        Re: From $8 to 80 cents
        by: Zen_lunatic420 (25/M/Southeastern PA) 09/16/02 10:14 pm
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        What's the story with DMAX? Is this the same company, the same directors, the same business plan, the same ownership structure?

        Everything looks good to me; but I haven't bought any yet?
        sameful to watch
        by: getouta_here
        Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Sell 09/17/02 02:33 pm
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        It has been shameful to watch these people hype this stock... Research will show that the principles have started numerous publicly traded companies; "ALL" have lost investor's money... A Tampa Bay journalist wrote an article and accused them of going to the investor "WELL" every time they needed money to finance their lifestyles.
        Yes, Drugmax (DMAX) has the same basic players.
        Re: Don�t sell!!
        by: leterrip2001 09/20/02 08:42 pm
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        why buy more of a stock that has socked it too me!

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