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  • icegun98 icegun98 Jun 25, 2014 3:23 PM Flag

    newbie question

    so on friend recommendation, I bought 10000 shares when this was 7 cents. I've held steady for all these years, my question is if they decide to move to a bigger exchange, what happens to my current shares.

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    • I believe the company wants to reach the minimum price of listing without incurring in any splis. My sentiment is they would like to get the listing by earning it the old fashioned way

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    • im feeling good that if they make a decision to move to another exchange that they will not do it through reverse splitting, when you look at how they have handled themselves thus far by their current share structure and how many insiders are restricted, etc. It looks to me that share count is a big deal for them, they do have a few extra million shares that they are authorized to issue, but that can be handled through a stock split rather than a reverse split. Im thinking $2 is a reasonable estimate by year end 2014. if they were to split at this time which I am not thinking they would, and the price was at $2, then you would may receive 1.3shares per 1share that you have not. reason being is that the auth shares is at like 60million and the outstanding including the restricted are at like 45million. So they couldnt even do a 2 for 1 unless somehow they would have to get more authorized . . . .nonetheless - I think your 10,000shares will stay 10,000 shares.

    • It depends on how they get qualified for the exchange. There are certain minimal stock prices involved, $2 for certain criteria, $3 for others. If they simply wait for the price to be reached, you'll have 10000 shares. Sometimes, companies do a "reverse split" to raise the price by a certain factor to facilitate qualifying. For instance, a 2:1 "reverse" would immediately put the share price at $2.00 (2x today's close), but you would have only 5000 shares. The share count is cut in half in the process, so EPS is doubled. In theory, everything is the same and your holdings are unchanged.

    • You will still have 10k shares .

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