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  • me_confucius me_confucius Aug 19, 2005 11:49 AM Flag

    Discrimination lawsuits

    Looks liek CCE is busy fighting lawsuits on all fronts
    1. from white people
    2. from minorities
    3. from women
    ....wonder when poor shareholders will start filing class action lawsuits against this ineffective management

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    • well spoken. I am certain that it is the kiss butts of the organization that will remain as we downsize. I have seen account managers that were barred from key accounts promoted to management positions, just because of their gender.

    • Perhaps the true acronym for CCE is just that.

    • Well put,and as true as it was when I left CCE yearsago now....Too many unearned promotions for diversity candidates helped put CCE where it is now, a joke in the industry and all the solid performers heading for the exits. Promoting someone because of gender or race is a poor excuse for a real program to hire and develop people. none of these so-called quick start programs for diversity candidates has prodused any real leaders, ony bragging rights for those who created the programs. As for the next poster's questions as to why none of these make it to the courts, remember the courts support such efforts if they are meant to create more equity among gender/race, so you wouldn;t get very far even if you found someone to represent you and you had deep enough pockets to fights. Any solid cases were surely settled out of court with confidentiality agreements.

    • No matter what there is not an end in sight to discrimination. Discrimination is non-discriminating around the world. Humans have practiced it for, well forever.

      The country of CCE is no exception as it is a collection of humans. There are not enough discrimination suits levied against CCE is my perception of that enviroinment, past and present.

      What is most amazing to me is that I have not heard of a discrimination lawsuit against CCE that has made it the courts where a decision is handed down. Why is that? Have there been settelments reached out of court?

      I don't think there will be a case that makes it that far because a decision would be precedent setting and who wants that?

    • reading your comments makes it very clear to me why you are not in CCE management. you'd have a vote on every decision, hide behind the group decision when you fail, and run for sales center "most poppular person on board".

      to hell with the shareholders and least a popular dude (giving away shareholder money like a drunken sailor) would in charge.

      via la popularetee!

      stop complaining, buy some stock!

    • bla bla bla

    • part 2 of the letter

      We would like to make someone aware of an incident that took place In the Gainesville facility that involved the Sales Center Manager.We don�t have the specific date and time but again this is a well known fact through out the Division that she was involved in an automobile accident with her company car. The accident went unreported and she had the repairs made and paid for them with her own money. This is another example of the preferential treatment some are receiving through out the division.She broke company policies by not reporting this accident. She also broke company policy by not receiving a standard drug screen. We could go on and on about how many policies were not followed. The bottom line is how can she continue to remain in place as the Sales Center manager of the Gainesville facility when she does not follow or up hold the policies that have been put in place? Mrs. Perin was involved in the investigation of this matter after it was reported to the Florida management team. Speaking on behalf of many we are appalled and extremely concerned that this type of behavior is not being resolved in a fair and consistent manner. It is also a known fact that she received a citation for driving under the influence the night she had her accident. She the (Sales Center Manager) is another hand picked individual who was put in place through the direction of Mrs. Perin.
      Take a look at what is going on in the Pompano facility. Look at turn over and employee morale. Talk with the employees ask questions. Another under qualified hand picked candidate. I hope that the pattern is as obvious to others as it is to us. Mrs. Perin is driving her own numbers to look favorable to her up line management in order to further her chances of future advancement.Mrs. Perin is a smart, vindictive woman and knows how to play the game. She leads with fear and intimidation and has no problem making sure everyone knows how powerful she is and how she can change your life. Since we are striving to be a listening organization perhaps someone should conduct a listening session on her behalf and see how she is perceived by her peers and the employees she represents as Director of Human Resources for the Florida Division.And now the BU??? What a JOKE...

    • ccedude, I think you missed the point. Some of the previous discussion has been about a Buddy system in place which occasionaly excludes highly qualified individuals.

      What does it take to become one of the chosen few who are offered developmental positions even when they are a stretch ?

      that isn't paranioa, that is frustration.

      Combine the other statements about sales manager and center manager turnover and you begin to wonder, was there some one local with potential, if not , why not ? Isn't talent development one of the accountabilities of senior management ?

      If there was a healthy relationship between senior management and local management, the paranioa would not be there.

    • In regards to Cangemi and Perrin.....

      Melanie worked in Houston, not Dallas...where Tina worked. Besides, people have relationships all the time within Companies. Code of Conduct issue? No...only if she weren't qualified.

      Melanie has a full career in Category Management and Category Planning within the former East Texas Division...and was very good at what she did.

      The move to be a Sales Manager in Sarasota was purely developmental. Was she the best??? Maybe not, but that was never her was merely developmental

      She is more than a qualified Director of Category seem WAY too paranoid.

    • falcon116 Sep 3, 2005 11:21 AM Flag

      This sounds like every other division in the entire country.And I own stock in this company? Maybe I am "GOOFY".

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