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  • Where is the PowerAde, bottled tea and energy drinks in Wal-Mart? Anybody at CCE bothering to deliver during the heat wave?

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    • since you are too stupid to understand anything else posted i will point out yet again that powerade is now a total walmart issue - the energy drinks and tea were not shipped to the store you visited on purpose so we could see another ignorant post from you LMAO

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      • Thanks for posting that! I guess people are never going to figure out that CCE does not touch Powerade in Wal-Mart anymore! Powerade failures in Wal-Mart are Wal-Mart failures, not CCE failures.

        KO energy drinks are not in the energy set in discount stores, but they are well represented in supercenters. Perhaps KO could throw a little money into the mix and fix this problem?

        Water is well represented in all stores. Face it, it's a heatwave, water sections are empty everywhere. Wal-Mart themselves has been having a lot of problems keeping their gallon waters in stock.

        Nestea shrinkwrap twelve packs should be launched in all markets by now, local management should be selling in additional displays. Where is KO with a nationwide ad, like with Pepsi and their twelve pack twelve ounce PET CSDs?

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