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  • so up on a down day. mkt down, ko down, but cce up. when was the last time this happened? anything of note going on?

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    • I couldn't agree more, but I have to point out that CCE's real downfall is that they do all kinds of analysis, they break things down 100 different ways, and hold numerous catered meetings to discuss the possible changes that could be made, but they miss the most basic concepts. They are so used to 'pushing' their products to the market and looking down their noses at 'the little guys' (consumers and employees) that they have completely lost touch with reality. They are mad at their customers for not 'realizing' what great products they have, and they are mad at their employees for not realizing how lucky they are to be working for such smart people. Because they are mad, they fail to listen to anything the employees or cunsumers tell them, figuring that they know what is best for 'the little guys'. Hello!! IT ISN'T WORKING!!

    • Milky Way slammers much better tasting chocolate milk than nestle or bordens!!!

    • What about stores with poor service and out of stocks from prior year, doesn't that cause out of stocks again, and even worse with the expanded availability ?

      What about stores with low penetration and low activity prior year. Doesn't that repeat itself ?

      That is the problem with reverse analysis forecasts. They repeat previous problems.

      It sounds like you are a typical CCE exec who wants to wash their hands of a problem.....or wants to see the process fail to validate CCE existence.

      Answer this then...if CCE is paid a per case fund, what does CCE do to add value to the process ?

    • Walmart has their scans, so they know the previous year's data (as well as every year before that).

      Initial Powerade distributions were sent to all stores, as the packages arried from KO production to WMT warehouses. Some were simply one time buys, with sufficient display space for proper sell-through.

      CCE is basically out of the loop, so to speak, when it comes to Powerade in WMT stores. Financial compensation is given to CCE by KO for each case sold in WMT, though (don't know the numbers).

      WMT has committed to doubling Powerade sales this year. I believe the same results could have been easily accomplished by CCE's people, if the same display space they WMT is now giving to Powerade had been given to CCE in the past, and going forward.

      Unless proper inventory levels are maintained at a DC level, WMT Powerade failures are WMT failures. Not CCE, not other bottlers, not KO.

    • cant speak for the rest of the country but in the southeast coke is well represented in all packages in both supercenters and discount stores

    • Did you listen to the earnings report? Perhaps the rise reflects confidence in Brock's leadership and his comments during the report.

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