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  • kongol27 kongol27 Mar 18, 2007 10:01 PM Flag

    Read this fellow CCE guys Please !!!

    Today i busted ass for a fresca that was buried for a customer who was waiting.I fixed a vendor in breakroom cussed out a pepsi guy and cut my hand on a 8oz glass cap..
    My customers love me cuz they love coke very cool instant love..Im an RAR for now anyway in Daytona 8 years now.My hands look alot different then when i started you guys know what i mean..You see all these changes whatever..I have to run my route cuz i have to make GP to pay all these guys who keep making these changes and i dont get it. Big messed up circle if you ask me. You know what though those guys we keep busting our asses for they will never see the look on the ladys face when i brought her fresca out to her and she smiled and said thankyou. And they will never see there own hands look like ours or have a store manager pat them on back and say thankyou ...They will never ever know what its like to be a coke guy. They will never know what its like to have a liqour store manager call them on christmas eve to say they are out of product and say just kidding Merry Christmas .... We have alot of things they dont even if they pay themselves off our backs all day long they will never be coke guys so screw them lets go out with a bang and service our people good kick the blu boys asses and smile and laugh with our customers something weve been doing all the long... i cant believe our biggest obstacle is our own dam people at the top pooping on us ..By the way they cant be too smart even i could have told them the Powerade thing with Wal Mart wouldnt work idiots.....

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    • Sounds like you guys are unhappy, however the business is now a 24/7 job of keeping the retailers happy and my experience was to have dedicated managers working the same stores which help develop solid relationships with the managers. Managers don't like change. A new employee can start with small stores and work their way up to chain supers then to managers.

      Good luck and good selling

    • You are right about a RAR being a entry level position and we do need trained BAM's to sell in all the different products we have now. The pay thing however I don't think is right. I have RAR's making more money than DSM's and now AM's maxing out at 51500 on there base(plus TIP). You know if our CEO maxed at 500k maybe we could put a few more bodies in the field, with his total assets of almost 30 million in just 7 months. I think this RAR is worth 60 to 70k a year.

    • With over 20 years with Coke, I come from the same company roots and have the same work ethic that this guy has. I feel like when Henry put the power in the sale centers hands and the stock triple slit we were moving in the right direction. Allowing us to promote what sells best in our market. The horse that made us is what carries us though on volume and profits if we keep taking space from our horse it will continue to decline. Yes we need to have a winner in every category, but come out with or buy a winner and promote it. Stop throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Try to promote and market a product; not just throw it out there. We need TV commercials to let people no what it is. We are Coca-Cola and our logo is recognized all over the world. I also heard about Skeeter last weekend and I am sorry for Summerfields lost but maybe the CEO and board of directors can take a note. If you don't pay attention to your horse, you can die.

    • You got that right. My competitor made $16,000 more than me last year, but he only has 3 stores to worry about. I have 6 times the stores and 6 times the problems.

    • actually the pbg guys are under the same (in some cases worse) working conditions, they just make a hell of a lot more money

    • On paper R.A.R. is an awesome system. the same person in 3 to 4 accounts 5 days a week building relationships and taking care of the account. In real life we treat and pay them as glorified entry level positions. If the pay was there than yes we would be able to hire and keep quality people.The problem is we dont pay enough to keep them and are constantly hiring to fill the routes. Trained account managers is the what needs to happen.

    • If your branch has hired a second merch sup. than yes your R.A.R. system is changing soon.

    • Any system will fail if there are not enough resources to meet customer needs.

      The RAR system creates ownership at store level for sales and merchandising. Communications are simplified. Leadership and management are simplified. And, the customer sees one person as their Coke man. If that one man isn't available, a quick phone call to the DSM resolves the issue.

      The weakness of the RAR system is it requires more high calibre sales oriented merchandisers. There are people who are good at sales, and cannot merchandise. There are people who are great merchandisers, and cannot sell ice in the desert. The key driving force in the RAR system is each RAR is compensated based on driving volume. The harder and smarter the RAR works, the more earnings.

      The BAM/CAT I system concentrates the selling function in the most qualified and highest performing sales people. That sounds great if pure fact based selling is the dominant factor in a store's decision to allow incremental sales activities.

      Unfortunately, BAM/CAT 1 falls apart because the selling is only 10% of relationship between the retailer and Coke. 90% of the relationship is earned via product handling, timely service, attention to details, pro-active decision making and effective communications internally and externally. The reality is the store will not allow any incremental sales acivities unless EVERYTHING at store level is perfectly handled. When you dumb down your merchandising team, you get the expected results.

      Instead of one single point of contact, retailers now have the BAM (15 accts) , the DSM (60 or more accts) over the BAM, the Merchandiser, the Merch Supervisor and the various rotating faces associated with a flex merchandiser work force courtesy of centralized merchandiser planning.

      Stores get very frustrated with the lack of visibility of the DSM in the BAM system.

      Stores get very frustrated with the lack of coordination of the BAM schedule to the retailer decision maker schedule.

      And lastly, just wait until the heat of summer is in effect and BAM's are trying to get orders transmitted before cut off time and miss the deadline and dispatch starts changing the delivery dates on the late orders.

      Memorial Day weekend will be a good test. Feel free to report back the success or failure in your BU if you recently changed from RAR to BAM/CAT 1

    • It is very hard to keep everything going with 20 accounts to take care of. I would think that a rar would have better control of what goes on in his/her accounts by having less accts to worry about. Compared to an acct mgr relying on merchandisers who have 6-8 and sometimes more accounts per day to service and are held to an 8 hr workday. Can anyone tell me how a merch can work 6-8 accounts(major markets)and get everything done in 8 hrs! Overtime is not allowed.

    • I think the trend in a lot of rar markets is to go towards the bulk account manager system, whether it is better or not. Several plants have hired a second merchandising supervisor which serves no purpose unless the BAM system is implemented.

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