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  • newcce newcce Apr 6, 2007 8:32 PM Flag

    RIP, Skeeter

    Condolences go out to the Johnston family in their time of loss. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is repoting that Skeeter died as a result of injuries suffered after being trampled by a horse in Florida.

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    • Do you still work for Coke?

    • More than one business school has used darts or monkeys to pick stocks and outperformed the laggards.

      As a stock CCE is stuck in a funk. The perception is PEP and PBG are better equipped to meet the modern consumer's needs. It will take several quarters of sustained outperformance of PBG to disprove and create some momentum.

      The statement about CCE and North America driving KO is a little misleading. 60% of KO volume generates less than 30% of profits last I heard. Currency fluctuations can alter that relative value of domestic and international businesses.

      KO has much to gain with the economic growth in Asia, CCE does not.

      CCE has much to lose as US consumer tastes shift.

    • And can that be the end of the story? He is dead move on with positive info.

    • Exactly my point as well. He was more concerned with 'proper nomenclature' (branches not sales centers, etc.) memos and talking a lot of talk. I received more than one call from him unexpectedly with him ranting and raving about nonsense with none of the relevant facts - just douse someone with gas and light the fire, don't bother with facts or both sides! I bring all this up because foolishness like this CONTRIBUTED to CCE being the company it is and the company it is not. And to think, he was the chairman's choice for CEO, lol. Even Coca-Cola Co. recognized and took issue with that. Simply being born into wealth does not result in passed on expertise. Just ask Bill Ford about that. Everyone in this industry knows that the family bottlers of the past did well in that era, but it's a whole new ballgame in the bottling/beverage business today, one in which a 'sometimes employed/work when it suits his self-worth' guy like Skeeter was simply not prepared. As the old saying used to go, the 1st generation family bottlers built the empire and worked hard. The second generation worked and maintained it; the 3rd and subsequent generations merely lived off the family wealth.

    • you must be the lone ranger...I didn't see or hear of Sheeter helping too many careers including his own. He was a member of the lucky sperm club and that was it...that's his legacy!!!

    • No, There is alot of correlation between these stock based on charts, and should be, I think Coke's fortunes are often generated at the expense of CCE. As it raises concentrate prices to bottlers like CCE, Coke's fortunes climb and CCE's fortunes fade. Coke also does not have the same level of risk in higher Aluminum, plastics and fuel costs among others. That is exactly how the architects of CCE roll up intended it to be. Carb beverage consumption continues to fall and it is yet to be seen whether Coke/CCE can create/acquire alternative products that will move them higher. It's a $20 stock, give or take. The 1 year estimate as determined by analysts who understand valuation is only $22.05 and I could probably pick a stock blindfolded and do better than that.

    • Message boards are a format to share thoughts about the company not spend all this time beating up on one indivual that no longer has an impact on the business.There were and still are a lot of unqualified mangers at CCE and the Peter Princial shall prevail.
      Now what about CCE, KO looks to be on the move will CCE follow?

    • Sure there are examples of his decency at times in the workplace. My point is that he was a bully, and an intimidator and not really qualified for the positions he held at CCE, other than by virtue of his family's holdings in the company. He was a train wreck in HR and mediocre on the sales side. Most of what he had 'to offer' amounted to superficial input that a manager with only a few years's experience could offer, such as not placing Tab barrels in Hispanic areas or Installing more vendors at a location. Sure! Just jam every outlet with Coke coolers, get the competitor to play dead and we will own the outlet, etc....
      As far as being a leader in polo, given a couple of hundred million dollars(even in the polo world, alot of money), you or I could probably obtain the facilities and training, and of course without these inconvenient job distractions we have, we could get become popular in that arena. That new polo league was only announced a couple of weeks ago to 'bring the joy of polo to the more people'. Gee, did the masses ask for polo matches? I am not taking away from the guy's popularity outside of business, as I am sure he was well liked in a social setting, and I am sure he was a good husband and father, etc. He should have continued the idle rich role he was born into instead of ruining many careers while pretending to be an executive at CCE.

    • I have one great example of Skeeter's success at CCE:


      I will always remember him as someone I could go to with a problem. He always listened, and helped.

      And I'm not part of "the family". Nor am I part of the Old Boy Network.

      I was just a hard worker that had the benefit of his wisdom and advice. He had a lot of management knowledge. If you weren't scared of him, he had a lot to offer.

      And: Polo is a sport filled with rich, priviledged people. He was a leader in that community, and even established a new league this year.

      And no, I have nothing to do with 'society' or polo.

    • Sorry but that was yesterday and you can't change the past, let's hope we get the leadership that will help us take this company to higher levels and regain a leadership position.

      Let's be boosters not knockers, the employee messages on this message board concern me, everyone is worried about their jobs and that doesn't make for a winning team.

      Coke needs to regain the momentum of a leader.

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