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  • cokeinmyblood cokeinmyblood Jul 24, 2007 9:53 PM Flag

    Reapplying for Positions

    Anyone having to reapply for your own position? Account Manager levels. With the new OE and CE things about to happen. This is part of the CE. Getting the right people in the right positions. And even sending people home!

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    • CCE wanted me to apply for my same position a little over 2 years ago and I asked them why would I want to do that. The job market was good and I found a new job paying more money while I was waiting for my severance from CCE. I was out of work for 1 week, started a new job with a company that had better benefits and a higher salary. In a little over 2 years my salary is now 50% higher than at CCE. Keep your job skills up-to-date, don't get bitter, be realistic, and you will be just fine. Find out how the job market is in your area, find out what the severance will be, and make an informed decision that puts you in the best position to achieve your goals. Keep the faith. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

    • The world isn't fair and neither is the workplace. Forget what you were taught growing up; it's all about who you know, and stroking those above you, not as much about what you know. It took me years to figure this out. Waiting on fairness, you will wait your life away. Oh, and don't think the union will fix that for you; it will instead just make sure you get no better treatment than the most mediocre of your members. Take control of your future and find a way to grab more of life and success. Don't wait on fairness, equality and logic to kick in. One more thing, different topic, but discrimination will never go away. Minorities face it and so do short white guys, heavy people, bald people, etc. Just take control of what you can and accept the rest!

    • anyone from Cinci., Columbus, or Mansfield OH out there. I hear project Diamond (sorry, Customer Excellence) already in effect with you guys. How many sales jobs lost?? Did DM's have to reapply or their jobs too?

    • Hey, I know some people at Erie Coca-Cola. They told me that the merchandising supervisor, who they agreed did a far less than adequate job, got promoted to a district manager position. In that market unit incompetence rewards incompetence. And even though all the sales people had to apply for "new" jobs, well the DM's didn't. Doesn't seem fair.

    • the one thing that bothers me about all of these job changes are the same people that lead us to this point are still in charge. A new person at the top has said we need to change so all the soldiers need to be replaced and all the generals can keep their jobs. maybe just maybe if the upperlevel people listened to the problems of the lower level people we would be a better company

    • That is one of the greatest myths in the business world.....that union dues will save your job. They will slow down the termination, but if you aren't doing your job, you will eventually be gone, even if Hoffa himself comes back to represent you. What about all the jobs that have gone overseas because of hostile and uncooperative union activity. To retain your job, you have to with WITH or FOR your company. That is the key, you/we work FOR or WITH your COMPANY, not FOR the union. Sorry guys, but union power is going by the way side; just go ask the auto workers. That is just how it is...

    • wolsonwdo Oct 30, 2007 7:23 PM Flag

      You bet you paycheck it is!

    • hahah lol hahhahaha rofl

    • You were picked on alot in school weren't you? By the way where am I and what am I worried about?

    • For the sake of the new users on this board, I'm going to give my opinion of interviewing for the position again. This process is only a joke of a process designed to leave everyone involved with the impression that they have a fair shot of retaining a job on a level playing field. I mean, c'mon, don't they already know your capabilities and who the strong and weak players are? Sure they do! At the end of the process, they can say, "too bad guys, we gave you all a shot and you weren't chosen(and we made it equal opportunity, so don't take us to court for age/gender/racial discrim.). You package is ready at the door....". In all my years in the corp. world, I have not heard of this process being used on such a broad scale. What a demoralizing way to treat people. Unless you have some 'wink-wink' assurance you will have a decent position in the end, I still suggest you avoid the humiliation of being told you can't do the job yu have done for years and hit the road while you are employable elsewhere. Just my advice, for whatever it's worth.

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      • it's all about putting people first. The only problem is that there are no people that work for CCE, only employees. big difference. It's not true that they don't care about race, sex, religion. Due to affermative action, they can only keep so many white males. If you want to keep your job, the best strategy as a white man is probably to make a sexual advance towards one of your managers. Then they can't fire you, without a risk of being sued. As far as the stock(which is what this board is supposed to be about), it's still a buy until Dec. 30, which is when all the intigration problems with this system will come to light for investors.

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