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  • popthatwesell popthatwesell Sep 22, 2007 12:16 AM Flag

    All CCE Salary employees loosing a weeks pay

    Why isn't anybody talking about the loosing a weeks pay?
    I guess this will save the company BIG bucks. There is a lot of upset managers that I have been in contact with. Some are talking about not working the last week of the year. Did I miss something?

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    • Salaried employees went from monthly to bimonthly. Averaged out for the whole year is a little lower each month. No big deal.

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      • I guess loosing a weeks pay in 2007 is not a big deal to a lot of people. However it is a very big deal to me! As a salary employee I know that my raise will not exceed 3%. And I have a feeling that my taxes will be going up bigtime when the dems take over the white house. Combine that with the cost of everything going up. It is a BIG deal! And there is nothing anyone can or will do about it.

    • Just wanted to keep this fact in everyone's mind. I went back over 20 years of pay stubs. I was paid for 52 weeks every year except for 2007. I went forward for 5 years and still was only paid for 52 weeks. No matter how you sell it, I'm not buying, we are losing a weeks pay in 2007 and will not get it back. Deductions climb faster than the step raises make up for. We need a cost of living raise not a week stolen from us. This country is about to hit a recession and we are chasing away our most experienced employees. We have a chance to gain ground with the addition of Vitamin Water and will lose more by giving up the employees that will sell the best with implementation of CE.

    • Hey mouse since when do salary people get overtime? In the past we were paid 3 wks in the rears and 1 wk in advance. Now we are strictly paid in the rears. How does that ensure that we get our money faster? Seems to me like we are all going to take it in our rears.

    • easy to get over going bi-weekly, fact is it will be better.It's hard to get over losing a weeks pay to do it.If it's easy for you, send me that $1000 i will never see for the work i did in 2007.

    • It is what it is. We all knew 5 wks ago that we would have to make adjustments. Nothing has changed and nothing will. We are the same people who complained about going monthly and we survived. Time to move on.

    • How about no notice. Thanks for coming to my office. You are fired. Pack your things you no longer work here.

    • 5 weeks notice? You must be hourly. In reality it is next check notice. I received the letter in Sept. regarding my October check. Glad you had a meeting with your HR rep. Was it before or after your letter.

    • I guess it's easy to give up and move on.Now I know why you use the name mouse. What about those people who need that check for Christmas. Maybe you can afford to lose a weeks pay this year, some can't.

    • How much notice do we need? I received a notice at my home about 5 weeks ago, then there were a few emails that were posted on the bulletin boards at our site, and the HR person held a meeting locally where we discussed everyone's questions. Most of the companies I have worked for pay the way CCE is proposing to pay - bi-weekly and a week behind. In fact, my brother told me that he thinks some states require bi-weekly pay at a minimum and do not allow monthly pay. Sure I would have liked more notice and its not perfect, but we did get 6-7 weeks notice and 3-4 different communications. I am ready to accept it an move on.

    • I wonder if HR would create a pro forma schedule of payments for the next five years and show when there will be the 27th payment in a year to make up for this year's lost dollars ? Do I have to wait for a leap year or something for the payroll calendar to work its way around ?

      Here is what I know.

      HR failed to give adequate notice on the change.

      HR failed to compensate for the loss of revenue for this year.

      HR failed to demonstrate transparency in communications regarding the facts of the matter.

      And we thought things would improve once Dan Bolling left. Obviously not. No wonder they tore down all those Putting People First posters.

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