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  • ccman01 ccman01 Jun 7, 2008 7:56 PM Flag

    Class 4 and 5 vechile to be eliminated

    It looks like 4 dollar gas is going to directly impact account manager's and DSM's. I have heard that the suspension of personal use of cars will be starting soon. The AM and DSM are to drive their own car to work and then take CCE's lease car to the market. At the end of the day they will have to park CCE's car then return home in their personal car. This is going to piss off a lot of people and had a few more hours to their work day.

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    • I hope this is true!!!

    • lol lol

    • this company has way too many people on this board everyday. no wonder they are getting their butts kicked

    • could'nt agree with you more, we just received 10 new diesel electric 10-bay kenworths they cost about 30-40% more than a regular 10-bay,are to be 20% more fuel efficient,but when you factor in how much these trucks drive in the routes that they are going to be used in deprceation etc you would have to keep these trucks over 15yrs????? Company policy is 10-12yrs for trucks before there replaced.Oh i know your thinking but the company is going Green,ya right,have you looked at are packaging,we've been told other than 2-ltr no more shells,everything cardboard and plastic,and then some idiot in the last news letter thinks this is great,and the company plans on recycling 90% of that???? What now when you deliver instead of picking-up empty re-useable shells,your going to pick-up garbage from last weeks delivery!!!!!

    • I hope this is just a rumor. If the company is trying to save money, John Brock and his so called leadership team should be looking at how top heavy our company is. Supposedly, a couple years back we were "delayering" the company and getting rid of top management, only to have new positions created and hire more managers. We have more positions now in upper management, making $80k annually plus a car, when 90% of those employees never leave their office or do anything other than send emails out. We have positions that are just created like a sales manager position covering cold drink for 3 states when their is a MU Cold Drink Manager that is supposed to be managing that. There are ADM's that have over 1200 accounts and drive over 2 1/2 hours one way to get their first stop. Now, that makes no sense. They created a position to look over contracts for the guy who was hired to look over contracts. We have less people on the street selling and more people sitting behind a desk telling us what we need to do to be successful when what we need is support and bodies and to eliminate un-necessary positions. Positions like drivers, merchandisers, office staff, and even the sales manager are support positions. Without the cases being sold, the other positions aren't needed. When someone in Atlanta realizes that reality, things may get better for the account managers, ADM's, and BDM's instead of them being treated like the red headed step child. Besides that, why does a service manager need a vehicle, why does a MU Vending Manager need a vehicle, why does the many different Service Supervisor positions need a vehicle. You can save millions by getting rid of the un-necessary people in top management positions (anyone above a sales center manager) and the vehicles they were given and not REHIRE them by just calling them a new position. CAN ANYONE SAY WE NEED A UNION BECAUSE HAVING A GOOD UNION IS HOW EMPLOYEES DON'T GET SCREWED.

      By the way, did you know that the Outlet Maintenance and Pricing positions in Tampa, FL are going to INDIA? Yep, that is a fact! The folks in Tampa have been told they are loosing their jobs after several of them moved from Niles, IL and Eagan, MN to Florida just to keep their jobs with the company. This company is going to HELL in a handbasket.

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      • They have vehicles to ensure you''re doing what needs to be done. We never rise to our expectataions, we only fall back to our level of training. My advise for you is to quit whining and worrying yourself about what others do (as you are clueless about the big picture) (get a different color of crayon) and begin to consider what you can do to make things better.

      • Reading these boards has shown me what little exposure some folks within our sales force have had to the overall business as a whole.

        I'm not sure what territory you work in to be able to call drivers, merchandisers, and office staff "unnecessary positions". I agree that they are support positions but you must not have noticed that they are just as overworked as anyone and they are by far the first ones to go before anyone thinks about reducing the sales force. They are also crapped on more than anyone. It is about to get ten times worse for the office staff once local HR is eliminated, and I can guaran-damn-tee that good drivers and merchandisers look and feel worse at the end of a regular day than you do. I have never, ever met someone in sales who said they wanted to be a driver, merchandiser, or admin, yet I have met countless people in those positions who wanted to get into sales. Think about that.

        As far as why certain positions need a vehicle, rest assured that any position outside of sales has to practically go to the Supreme Court to get one. Maybe the people in those positions who you've been exposed to aren't doing their jobs. MU Vending and Service Mgrs that I know cover more than one Market Unit and are on the road 80% of the time. How the heck could a "Service Supervisor" actually supervise their employees if they aren't going out where the employees are? If they seem to be at the plant all the time it's likely because they can't get away from all of the conference calls and paperwork to get out in the trade, and it's probably driving them crazy.

        No one would question how rough the sales team has it right now but you aren't the only ones who are struggling. And if you aren't sure what certain positions are responsible for, just ask. Don't automatically assume it's fat that needs to be trimmed. When a sales person secures a machine placement inside a boiler room that's only accessible by ladder, someone needs to come to the rescue.

    • Does anyone know what is a class 4 and 5 vehicle? I am a ADM and I have an 03 pontiac aztec? Is this vehicle considered a class 4 or class 5?

    • Fleet Nazis WOW that took alot of thought. First Iwill say we directly affect every case sold in this company. with out us moron there would be no movement anywere period from warehouse to delivery. we add value to the company and so do account managers no one says you dont.....we must be a team to suceed,with respect top the nazi comment that was funny I however take that as a compliment because that means we are doing our job. if it pisses you off tuff.tru we are a cost center and not a profit center but think about it what would this company do with out us. as far as a van with 300k on it I could not agree more and it also pisses us off everyday. however in the area i cover if you were denied a tow because it was unsafe i would disipline the person who denied it.

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      • Don't get too worked up. There seems to be a couple of sales folks giving their two cents on here who have no comprehension of how the business really works and they're giving us all a bad name.

        Case in point #1 - The person who said that account managers are the only people actually bringing money into the company. I guess in their world the product that they order miraculously appears on the store shelves. They just snap their white-gloved fingers like Gazoo and *poof*, there it is. I only hope their nose isn't in the air too high next time they strut down an aisle. They might trip over a squatting Merchandiser.

        Case in point #2 - The person who is sitting up at night wondering how many cases they have to sell to cover *your* salary. When you factor in things like haulback and payment deductions, quite a few AMs are lucky to cover their own salaries, much less anyone else's.

        Tough times are no excuse for ignorance, whether it's in believing ridiculous rumors or in thinking that the whole company runs because of you. Just think - if you actually were the only one responsible for bringing money into this company, you would have been fired by now.

      • If you added value you would have forseen the gas prices and costs going up years ago and been ready instead of waiting till my old van broke at a million plus coke is always late and so are you these vehicles and technology have been around for a while and now you wanna go green when it affects your bottom line now i have to hit enormous goals just to make up for your lack of reaction to the world outside you we should not be in this situation we should have invested 8 years ago and been prepared but instead we left trucks with bad gas mileage ruin the bottum line for years and vans that could barely get guys to there routes all along probably eating more and more costs for your christmas parties and vacations i bet nobody at fleet has ever or will ever drive the piece of crap i drove for ten years working morning till nite no AC for 3 of them by the way keep up the good work................

    • All, I wont say who I am but i work in fleet and I can ASSURE you all there has been no talk of this anywere. If it occured it would suprise me, What we all need to do is show the comapny how much we do care about having our vehicles by keeping them clean and bringing them in on time for there P.M, Yes Fuel is thru the roof and costing millions of dollors a day. volume is soft the company is asking employees not to idle and have the a/c on quit idiling trucks at stops. I personally order alot of vehicles every year and hand out brand new HHR and Malibus and ford focus to account managers and DSM.. were are the comments here that hey nice cars they gave us... good deal we have here. quit your whining and stop spreading unfounded rumors and do your jobs and sell soda and start worring about out of code product on the shelves and our product presentation. This company has opputuinity like any others but i will tell all of you this it is better than alot of others!

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      • If you work in fleet concern yourself with getting vehicle registration and city stickers paid on time. I'm so tired of my ADM's getting pulled over for expired plate and $100 tickets for no city sticker.

      • We should be greatful for these vehicles? I suppose I should be greatful to finally be in a safe vehicle that shouldnt fall apart on a weekly basis.

        Let's talk about how many of us drove 10-12 year old vehicles with 300k+ miles on them. I used to repeatedly get pulled over in my wonderful company van for safety infractions and cant count the times I had to drive a van 40-50 miles to the plant that had no business being on the road because the company was too cheap to tow it.

        You want a clean vehicle? Talk to my boss that demands
        that I carry all kinds of racks in there - whether or not they tear up the seats. I have to say this is the first company that I have ever worked for that does not give a monthly allowance for car washes. I may spend my sunday afternoons personally washing my own car - but i will never hand wash a company vehicle during the only 48 hours of peace I get during the week.

        Honestly you fleet nazis annoy me and make me want to take up smoking just to ruin the smell of my great gift of a vehicle. This vehicle was supposedly part of the benefit package when we took this job, not some great bonus that should make me get on my kness and shlop shlop sholp like the pinheads above me.

      • I wish i had my old clunker van back if it would give us back a system where people took ownership i stay out till 7 at nite doing other peoples jobs now not many like me left when we are gone company will be left with nice cars and no sales people at least we have people like you who work in fleet that dont sell cases and make the company not one dollar i wonder how many cases i have to sell to cover your salary and no you are not the reason i am able to drive to my accounts so dont let yourself feel needed why dont you sell some cases all day under this new system and then tell me how you feel about your pimp ride oh and by the way thanx the cars are nice and i keep mine very clean..

      • Does this person really assure you? However, keep your car clean and you will get to keep it.

    • this is an unfortunate rumor - i heard the cars are not going away.

    • I totally agree. With all the POS, 3 ring binders, poles, racks, coupons, dayglo's, and that stack of papers we get every week, there isn't any room for anyone else in the vehicle. Who really wants to drive it if they don't have to. Don't we all spend enough time in it already. So let's hope this is all rumor and focus on the fires that are burning.

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