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  • hunt34342000 hunt34342000 Aug 20, 2008 10:27 AM Flag

    Customer Excellence

    Who at corp CCE is in charge if CE?
    Rick Kehr?

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    • What a bunch of meaningless chatter about CE. The stock price will be going up, not from efforts of management, but because fuel prices are going down. In time as the overall market goes back up, then CCE's stock price will increase. The stock market is like a river when the water level increases, or in this case the flow of funds, then stock prices in general go up.

      This is a mature industry, and growth over time will be very slow at best in North America. The health kick Americans are moving towards makes folks realize they should not be drinking the amount of carbonated beverages they drank in the past. Water sounds good right out of the filtered refrigerator tap, and its healthy for you. If you want to go work in a growing industry, then work in health care. Otherwise put your head down and do your job every day.

    • say....I want to retire some day, and be able to say that, I once worked for that great company.

      The problem is the once great company peaked about ten years ago and has been on a downhill slide since thanks to a lack of vision, courage and even moral character by key leaders.

      Your make no waves and enrich yourself attitude is the core of the problem. You don't care about the plight of co-workers below you, only yourself. You are as much part of hiding the problems and certainly not creating solutions.

      Enlighten us, name a single initiative you have brought to fruition which benefitted the street level employee or customer ?

    • okay 56
      first i do know rick and have been part of numerous ce meetings with him and he is an empty suit he is one of TMs micro managers analytical idiots and not the future
      second i love your brown nosing passion but like many of my cce friends before you it will be a cold day in hell if you make it to what i would term as a successful retirement in the form of the financial love story that you are looking for as JB and many ceos to follow will continue to ride the backs of our employees to their personal benefit
      third have you been asleep at the wheel son cce no longer contributes to retiree medical so the monthly premium is unaffordable cce retirement calculation comes in below the poverty line even with obama bs ha ha ha and i bet your 401k balance is looking fab these days if you are a true cce supporter you own some co stock in your 401k and you are feeling the pain
      forth get out of your dream land your position will soon be gone

    • rottenacorn2005

      Have you ever met Rick? Have you ever worked for him? How well do you really know Rick?

      I happen to have at one point. He is not what you speak. He is not perfect but, neither are the rest of us. Put yourself in his shoes, and ask yourself how you would do it. This company has had to make some tough decisions over the last few years.

      As much passion as you show on this blog, you should focus your attention towards making a difference for the company that feeds your family. Be part of the solution. You sound like you are knowledgable, and have loads of experience. If you are only here to live up to your handle rottenacorn2005 then maybe you should move on, so you can be happy working for a company that suits your style.

      I happen to be a oldtimer, and do not always agree with the party line but, I change with the environment and learn how to do things different. I don't know what motivates you, I happen to like the work, the living that it affords, and the challenge. I will never be a VP or President of this company, and I never aspired to be. I am though, a difference maker. I work as hard today for this company as I did when I started. I want to retire some day, and be able to say that, I once worked for that great company.

      If I did not enjoy the work, I would have left a long time ago.......

    • Well he was, but dont know now.

    • Hey dill weeed we dont even get our OPR reports cuz the system has been down for 5 months suuurre And by the way heres a profitable outlet my WAl Mart supercenter went from 6 trucks to three and i get different people working them every week now that we cant keep nobody so now the store manager says if he only gets three trucks and has to keep all that inventory in back i get no features you wanna see a success story go into my wal mart and see lotsa pepsi and stick that OPR up your asssssssss......

    • OPEX I fully understand - obviously a minimum delivery makes sense.

      But a large store grocery chain - maybe the VPO is say 20-25k cases per year. They may only be scheduled to receive service 4x's per week.

      Meanwhile due to poor merchandising coverage the visi-cooler is OOS (cannot capture a lost sale)

      Store manager's are giving valuable real estate to someone else because they are not seeing anyone- there has to be better focus on customer service. I have seen this from the front line, and have talked to corporate offices for mega retailers.

      CCE needs to re-visit the cases per hour table and delivery frequencies. An account manager seeing a store manager 1x per week in a large store account does not work....they are not trusted by the manager. That manager dictates cases on display.

      Also - the min. deliveries and horrendous merchandising schedules are anti-sales. What happens when a store asks for a 1000case lobby display - we cannot support this because it is an off day, and a merchandiser was not scheduled for the delivery. I am pro CCE...but very anti-CE.

    • dude, it's business. In case you aren't away, OPEX is the no.1 concern, not getting grandma johnson's corner store her 5 case order every other week. In case you missed the writing, which is understandable due to the multiple messages and product initiatives, PROFITABLE OUTLETS are key. Haven't you been analyzing your OPR reports before you visit stores? Dump the little stores to pepsi, let them take profit losses to service them.

    • Apparently I was grossly misunderstood. I was referring to the CE rollout in new markets starting in December.

      Unless this 120 day review scraps it, but I can't see that happening. But hopefully they've learned from the mistakes that have been made in the markets where it has already been rolled out (and where we've retreated back to the old ways in some instances).

    • give us all a break dude. you must be one of the founding fathers of ce!! terry is out and as a result of the 120 day plan ce will be out as well. none of the other bottlers have any intention of introducing ce and our customers hate it. the reason pbg and pas dont have near the chatter on their message boards is because their employees feel good about their employer and they are kicking our a$$!! pbg has announced a similar restructure to ours so we will see if their message board heats up.

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