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  • the_real_hedge the_real_hedge Sep 18, 2008 7:00 PM Flag

    Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

    Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting

    They should also be awarded the Toilet Award for decreasing share holder value and for loosing market share due to incompentent management. And the How to Kill Morale Award for the way they treat their employess. Any other awards they should win?

    How about the diversity award ..

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    • Union may convince you that you have protection....What about all those auto workers? No protection when no one wants to buy the cars; what about the North American textile workers, or furniture workers, or the IT workers? Think whatyou want to think...Crazy management schemes and out of line unions demands will eventually put you out of work too. You guys aren't much saferthan anyone else.

    • Good luck too you as well .. even though I have been away from CCE for 9 years, coke is still in my blood and I have many good friends still working there that are miserable because of the way they are treated and the lousy pay but they are stuck and can not leave. They deserve better for what they do for CCE. I hate too hear from the employees on this board that they can not properly service their customer properly because of this thing called CE (not sure what it is) and hear Pepsi is doing a better job.
      To me it is a joke they have centralized call center calling on customers for orders. Relationships is what made Coke a leader and once you take that away (just to reduce cost) volume in my opinion will go down. Just my humble opinion.

      Nostone .. what region do you work in?

    • nostone, the sad thing is, some of these people that you look at as being great leaders would kick you out the door as quickly as they would someone who thinks they're doing the world a favor by going to work every day.

      Like many folks who rant on this board, I have seen too many people who lived and breathed Coca-Cola for decades and put in 110% every day get cut without a second thought while newer employees who have proven themselves to be nothing but lazy, incompetent wastes of space got promoted. Combine that with the way our customers have been treated as of late and you'll understand why the company winning this award seems hard to believe.

      You try to explain that we can't wish for the old days because of the fact that we have so many different types of product to compete with. Maybe that's the case, but what has Coke's response been? To cut employees and customers. Do you honestly see that as being a future of success?

      Just because someone vents on this board doesn't mean that they don't do their job or go to work everyday with a positive attitude and try to improve things. You're venting like everyone else but with a different spin.

      You're trying to set a better standard here, which is commendable, but your approach was all wrong. Your high & mighty, judgemental attitude is the opposite of good leadership and is more along the lines of a toadie.

    • Cokes Response What ???
      They took the service out the stores with this CE crap and we are suppose to compete now we buy vitamin water and fuze and i cant keep it maintained day in and out i lose stuff to 7up now
      this is the response you speak of ? i was winning 3 years ago under other system i demolished my compettion in every account i wish i had fuze and vitamin water as an rar i would have sold millions the funny thing is i still have a couple of those accounts the ones who use to love me and give me everything now turn there backs and give us nothing goes to show what service gets you i never worried about competition cuz there wasnt any in my stores i owned now we rely on part timers and merlot and nobody cares i merchandise other peoples crap all day dont get to do my job key account rep told us the other day he cant sell in programs if we dont improve service at store level wow imagine that he gets nothing without service iether..

    • For someone so critical of management, your ability to string together two sentences with three incorrectly spelled words surely gives you credibility. I am now dumber for wasting the time to read your post and to now respond to it. Oh guru with such impeccable credibility, please tell us your ideas on what CCE should do to improve as a company?

      It sure is easy to criticize rather than to be an agent of change for positive improvement. Could you just have easily have said, congratulations CCE on winning a corporate responsibility award? Answer this, what would you do if you were given the responsibility of running CCE or even being in a leadership position? You wouldn't have a clue Mr. The Real Hedge because you wouldn't know leadership if it bit you. This culture of criticism and blame that pervades all things is pathetic. Ask yourself this, what did you do today to make the world or your company a better place? Emptying your collection of cigarette butts on the side of the road while stopped at a red light doesn't count.

      Tomorrow will be a better day.


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      • What HR role are you handling ? Public Relations ?

        Yours is the typical CCE leadership attitude....divert attention away from the real issues and focus on trivial and meaningless which has no real value to the organization. tell us...what has anyone at CCE done to lead the company into the future ?

        Do we have better operating technologies than competition ?
        Do we have better product portfolios than competition ?
        Do we have better information systems than competition ?
        Do we have better financial platforms than competition ?
        Do we have better leadership ?
        Do we have better professional development ?

        So...what innovation has CCE been the leader which adds significant value to the organization ?

      • Responsibility should be an ongoing thing we should be established as such how must we have been to win an award like this we payed a task force to win this too so we could get that peacock tax break...Lets put this on our $5 twelve packs and let the world know we are responsible and dont you talk about leadership i work for a leader i seriously doubt there are many like he up there where you must be Miss responsible.......2 votes for the toilet award.

      • I would know leadership? Too funny, CCE is has no leadership and there leaders are pathetic.

        I am know the Director of Sales at a billion dollar software company and my companies stock has split 4 times in the past 8 years and I I ahve been promoted 3 times and make 4 times as much as I did at Coke.

        Sorry to see you are trapped.

      • You must work for CCE, sorry to hear that. I worked there from 1988 until 1999 and I still have many friends that work there. I left after the 3 for 1 split and the stock was at 36, today it is at 17, 9 years later. Wouldnt you agree they should recieve the Toilet Award?

        My friends that have been there for 20 years have said morale is at a 20 year low and management is more inept than ever. After reading the message boards filled with employee complaints it appears to be true.

        Keep drinking the coolaid.

    • "Turnover among our employees seems to be affected not by gender, age, or ethnicity/nationality, but
      rather by position.

      For example, there is higher turnover among our sales force than in manufacturing.
      Overall, voluntary company turnover was 18 percent in 2007."

      just curious, what is the actual % number for sales positions is? Also, division specific (Home market vs. On-Premise).

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