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  • cce4meyay cce4meyay Oct 9, 2008 11:48 PM Flag

    Is there hope?

    Seriously. The YTD chart makes me sick. All I hear from managers is that "things are changing for the better" or "just hang in there." Where are the majority of the cuts going to be coming from? If you were an early career, would you stick with this?

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    • BW worked for BW in the New York Division. Hmm.....aren't they both Irish?

      He has aged about 20 years in the last ten....all that drinking ages a young guy.

      He is smart, but hopefully he will use his mind for good, not evil.

      That should tell you all you need to know.

    • a BW political hack

    • What do you know about the new guy in Balt??

    • Looks like nothing sticks to this guy...he continues to move around the company and has never really been successful at anything.So lets move him again and see if we can at least limit the damage he causes??
      word is that here in Atlanta, everyone that has ever worked for him cant stand him....oh well!!

    • The executive team is trying to put the blame on "macroeconomic factors".
      Ok folks, lets check the facts:
      long before the economic downturn CCE stock was headed south. When JB started the stock was at $19.50....$8.50 today.
      Long before the economic downturn the CSD business was declining and CCE had no response....

      Current management team sets out to map plans through 2010, with the help of mckinsey. Less than halfway through they are pulling the plug because new pres is not happy.
      Current management gets as far away from the old pres. as they can and they all get promoted.
      Now you can dispute the timing, but you cant dispute these facts.

    • Yes!!

    • Why is it a shock to so many that there has been a complete talent drain from this organization over the past several years? The names are countless, and in the meantime- new regimes emerge with their new fangled strategies, McKinsey consultants, and re-branded ways to reinvent a very simple business model.

      This has been going on in earnest for the last 10 years. The Henry Administration with characters such as Gary Schroeder (the system's high paid District Manager), the Van Houten Administration, the Alm era (God help us all), the short lived Marks administration (Go RGM), and now a new world lead by Mr. C and team from InBev. The sad thing is that after every change in the leadership deck chairs, CCE lost quality business operators- people who understood the core business and knew something about execution.

      It was all over when CCE starting thinking about strategy, and forgot what execution was all about. Parker, Marks, McKinsey, and others have led CCE down a dangerous path, and its looks like big KO its starting to really have stomach gas over the issue. 8% concentrate increase?- you haven't seen anything yet my friends.

      In the meantime, keep voting amoungst yourselves for the "smartest guy in the room" award. I am sure the candidate pool is quite deep on the 14th floor these days, and rumor has it that Schortman has taken an ad out in the Wildwood Times herald as the leading candidate. Keep the strategy decks coming, and all while the base business keeps crumbling away.

    • gerryhowell Oct 24, 2008 6:40 AM Flag

      You are right with Howe. Talked and seemed listen to EVERYONE when he visited my sales center, and new exactly what was going on. If we needed something he got it for us. Never put on a coroprate face. Surprising he made it as long as he did as a former driver.

    • If it barks like a dog and smells like a dog, it is probably a dog. I'd work on making the move to another company. Don't get caught up by folks who decided to make it a lifelong project there, those days have come and gone.

    • Any ideas on what the earnings announcement will look like this week??

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