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  • madGSR madGSR Dec 7, 1997 5:27 PM Flag

    How high?

    Does anyone have any idea how high CCE will climb within the next couple of years? Should I stay in or get out? Will this stock always be strong? thanks for replying!!!

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    • I agree but I thin kit will split way before 66 and reclimb to 30 by years end.

      Enjoy you retirement, pray for a tax break!!!

    • Maybe you are and maybe you are not but I hope you are right.
      I don't look for quite as much gain but it would be nice. I do think you should know that the price war is not over by a
      long shot in fact it's just warming up. Pepsi cant compete in service either delivery or repair even though they have more
      employees to cover the same area in a number of locations. When you have to hire 3 employees to keep up with your competitors one you
      have nothing left to fight with except price. If they ever figure out that they need to motivate their employees you may see a
      real war break out.

    • need help to keep the fire going

      it might get cold if it go's out tonight

      who started it and why?


    • Call me overly optomistic, but, there are a few items that excite me about CCE. 1. the profitable aquisitions in canada and
      new york will add to the bottom line immedaitely 2. CCE has no exposure to asia 3. cokes aquisition orangiana (CCE will bottle
      and dist) 4. US and European economic out look is positive 5. price war with pepsi is over(couple of pennies per case $$$$) 6.
      sound fundamentals, strong financials, experienced mgmt I believe CCE is going to explode profits 1st and 2nd quarters. I also
      believe the market cap can swell to 20bl in the next 6 to 12 months. 66 buy may. BUY BUY BUY!!! Just my opinion, lets all retire.

    • This stock will contimue to climb perhaps a bit slower but steady. I am betting that it will split again perhaps 2 for 1 within the next 30 months at about 50. They are very result oreinted and push hard from within to acheive their sales goals. Another year like this one and I retire early.

    • I got in this stock back in 1986 or so when they first offered this stock,and never looked back.History is that you will make a lot of money,but like when I got in it will take time.
      CCE has always been a safe place to put my money in and go to sleep at night knowing when I get up the next day that my money will always be there.
      Time will tell the story,some times a little down,but always up more than down in time.
      I worked for cce or when I started working for this co. it was called <DALLAS COCA COLA BOTTLING CO> back in 1971.
      What im trying to say is BUY TODAY, go to bed tonight and wake up tomorrow KNOWING THAT CCE WILL BE THERE WITH MY MONEY AND WHEN i NEED IT much more to come.



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      • Bobby,
        I certainly agree with what you are saying, I have worked for cce for nearly 3 years and unfortunately I just have a hand
        full of shares, but back in May that became 3 handfulls. CCE has been an excellent company to work for over the past 3 years, I'm
        in management and it makes me proud to see every department in this company set goals and achieve them, with this kind of
        performance our stockholders can't help but reap benefits from their investments. Paris Tx. is a small town, so I speak from what I see
        here and the whole N.Tx. area, sales are great and I feel they will continue to do so. BUY MORE! B.C.

      • who owns approximately half of cce? coke. they are golden, and cce is golden. bought at 19 and 24 this year. gonna ride it for a while.

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