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  • mdv_92126 mdv_92126 Apr 25, 2006 12:21 AM Flag

    $1.25/pill vs. $12,000... Tough choice.

    Perhaps you should have read the entire paper...there is a lot more than I even posted below!

    "None of the secondary efficacy measures attained significance, although physician-rated improvement showed a trend (p=0.06) for the modafinil group. There was no evidence that modafinil reduced cocaine craving, which is notoriously difficult to quantify. There was also no evidence that modafinil reversed cocaine withdrawal, but our study was not designed to assess this possibility and the majority of enrolled patients had insignificant cocaine withdrawal at baseline. Detoxification remains an important research question because patients with cocaine withdrawal symptoms have poor clinical outcome (Kampman et al, 2001), and enhanced euphoric responses to cocaine (Newton et al, 2003; Sofuoglu et al, 2003). Modafinil promotes feelings of well-being (Beusterien et al, 1999) has clinical effects that are largely opposite to cocaine withdrawal symptoms, and blunts cocaine-induced euphoria. It is possible that the steady improvement seen in modafinil-treated patients (see Figure 1) reflects the effect of diminished reward on their cocaine use."