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  • serious_investor serious_investor Dec 21, 1997 11:33 PM Flag

    From a BSX fan

    The following message appeared on the BSX board. Any comments? Does this person know the market?

    (1) If GDT and Multilink are great why did GDT�s top ten reps leave to go to AVEI?

    (2) If the Rx catheters were all that great they should have all the market. But Rx catheters are used only in about a third of the cases. It�s a matter of physician preference and how are they trained. As long as the cardiology GURU's do not completely endorse, and they have not, RX system it will not happen. So to think, just because of the Rocket, ACS will outrun BSX is Boloney.

    (3) Regarding the GDT press release on their new balloon material, Scimed has had that balloon material on the market for at least six months. They were the first ones on the market with a semi-compliant balloon material that becomes non-compliant at high pressures.

    (4) BSX has the best stents coming, a full compliment of products, and all the SG&A divisions to take advantage of all the core technologies (i.e., Stents, Tubes etc.), which spreads out the R & D dollar.

    (5) I doubt if BSX�s NIR stent will have the new balloon material on its deployment system, but it really does not matter in the world of procedure capitation. Within six months, physicians will have a good compliment of stents. At that point, each institution will choose a primary and, possibly a secondary vendor based on a full compliment of acceptable products. After that point, the rest of the stents will become niche devices for some specific application.

    (6) Cordis and J& J has definitely have uphill battle as they did not participate in stent discussions and bundling with their Customers. Even now J & J's threat and law suits against balloon expandable stents have really done a number on the cardiology community.

    (7) The battle in PTCA is between BSX, JNJ and GDT. There are others in the market but not significant players. (a) GDT is
    handicapped by lots of long term debt and the lack of a complete portfolio. (b) JNJ and BSX both stand to gain. It all depends upon
    execution. The chairman of BSX , Mr. Nicholos, owns a very sizable amount of share. Has a lot vested. Though it�s easy to imagine the
    arrogance of the executive board ticking off a few of the analysts, in the long term, BSX should do extremely well.

    Hope all this information helps clarify a few things. In the end it always is one who has the best educated guess who comes out on top.

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