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  • long_term_cap_gains long_term_cap_gains Aug 3, 2007 2:03 PM Flag

    It has been a steady downhill all day long ...


    given the very poor performance of the new management, I think the market would be right to take the cautious side, these folks have demonstrated in their very short time at the helm that they are a no show (lackluster and CCs that are meaningless) and certainly no substance (news today could not be any more ill timed nor anymore inept when they affirmed guidance and stated the game would be on time).

    After thinking about their short record a bit more, I have concluded:

    I doubt they were crooks, it looks more like ineptness.

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    • i agree....I didnt want to do it, but I sold early this am, losing 19K but saving another 7 so far....

      I thought about it, and I have ridden some bad swings and come out ahead on this thing many times. But the guidance confirmation 2 weeks ago, and then delaying gta 6 MONTHs 3 months from release ( just inexcusable.....missing xmas on something they were set to release 2 months prior to xmas)...I was worried about a delay, but figured there was no WAY THEY WOULD MISS XMAS, BUGS OR NOT.

      look at erts or atvi....they put out shit sometimes, but they put it out anyway and make money......they should have taken the happy medium and fixed it as best they could and got it out by Dec10.....and then start working on the sequel to fix the bugs......stock would have risen on that news.

      I know it is a flagship franchise, but if it wasn't perfect it would still sell 5 million copies easy, and they could rush a sequel that improved the bugs.....


      I might buy some 12.5 leaps at some point, but this piece of shit is going to fall more first, I hate to admit. If I were a fund manager with shares, I would sell them just to spite Zelnick and co for fucking me on this one. period.

      Thats what ultimately made me sell.

    • "news today could not be any more ill timed"

      I disagree. The news came less than a week after they delayed the issuing date for their own millions of options and shares. That's very good timing.

      Imagine if they'd received their options and shares earlier, they'd be in the same boat as shareholders today!

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      • >I disagree. The news came less than a week after they delayed the issuing date for their own millions of options and shares. That's very good timing.<

        They didn't 'delay' the issuing of their options . . . they will be issued in the time frame specified in the agreed upon contract. However, they did wait for the last possible day of the contract and made sure to release this news first.

        Management compensates themselves generously . . . what else is new?

        Well . . . at least to make any money on those options, they will have to bring the stock price back up.

      • I agree with both of you. The fact that they postponed their stock options to pad their own pockets makes me sick. They left the sharholders holding the bag. I hope someone sues the crap outta them...

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