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  • SPECULAWYER9 SPECULAWYER9 Jan 2, 2008 2:30 PM Flag

    On the bright side . . .

    TTWO is down less than ATVI, ERTS, and THQI. :-/

    The (housing) bubble economy is deflating . . . and combine that with a pointless expensive war and out of control energy costs and we are in for some rough times. :-/ Whoops, I was supposed to be on the bright side. Uh . . . happy new year! Uh . . . well, the fiscally irresponsible war-mongering GOP is continuing its downward tragectory.

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    • Hi I like to read your posts. It is very helpful. Let me ask you. TTWO is a great buy now for its future pipeline. But I am also examining the other video game stocks. Would you buy any others now? Is Atvi too expensive?

      Also, do you see another price cut on xbox360 or ps3 soon? If this happens sales will go through the roof for game makers?


    • Yep, less than a yr left for him (you know who)...

      O/T: It's too bad that one of my long standing new yr wishes won't come to pass "again"... "A Flat tax" with a $35K exemption, a 20% flat rate, and a fixed 18% ST / 15% LT/div's cap gains rate. It would also never pass without the mortgage interest exemption but the interest would only be deductible on the part of a mortgage that was < 25% above the locality average home price. Ex: Avg locality home is $240K, the interest on a mortgage up to $300K would be deductible; the portion above that level would not be.

      "Or" (as a second option) a consumption tax (that excluded food and home purchases less than 25% above the locality average home price). Ex: Avg locality home is $240K, the sale of a home up to $300K would be tax free; the portion above that level would be taxed at a set rate which may or may not be the same as the reg consumption level. It would also need to have a credit similar to the current state tax credit IOT avoid being excessively impactfull on low/fixed income people.

      Those are just starting points; the basic meat of them is the point.


    • The question is, where do we go from here, tomorrow?

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