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  • tydurban tydurban Dec 21, 2012 7:27 PM Flag

    4x as many killed in CT in drunk driving per year as gun violence

    So 4x as many people in CT are killed in alcohol related deaths opposed to gun violence. Does anyone think that banning alcohol will solve the problem??? And if no why not???

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    • People who blame it on guns are mentally retarded

    • It had nothing to do with guns. The NRA pulled a senator out of its pocket to reveal the real culprit.

      "While the debate rages on, US Senator Joe Manchin has taking to the media to blame one franchise in particular for the shooting, that being Rockstar’s GTA V. Speaking with MSNBC this past week, the senator talked about the mental health risks games have on the unprepared and called for GTA V to be banned before any damage can be done."

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      • Who's to say it was NRA who sic the media on GTA V?

        Why not EA, Activision or even Zynga ( "real" pc games mean less time for flash based micro payment drivel-"ville"s) to specifically mentioned a game that hasn't even been released yet?

        Why didn't wo"Man"chin call for an immediate ban on ALL existing shooters especially rayman Raving Rabbids and Cabela's Dangerous Hunt?

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    • You're a #$%$. No one is trying to ban guns, just high capacity clips and assault-style semiautomatic guns. You can live without them. I assure you that it doesn't make your 3 inch weenie look any bigger.

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      • Ban these serious suggestion to address the problem BEFORE the killers enter the school? Ridiculous.

      • OK, so let's just ban hard liquor...that'll solve the drunk driver problem.

      • telsarowe Dec 23, 2012 10:31 PM Flag

        Since when did an assault weapons ban stop Timothy Mcveigh? Dude loaded a truck full of animal poop and hit the button. And that was before the internet. Don't see how banning drugs, guns or video games will help anyone deranged IMHO.

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      • Soooo you ban high capacity clips and these school shooters bring an extra 5 low capacity clips with them.....doesn't solve the problem. You ban assault rifles so they bring a shotgun loaded with buckshot and instead of killing one person in the room with each shot they take out 3 with each shot...doesn't solve the problem. You ban all guns and they go online for ten minutes and then after gathering $10 worth of supplies around the house go to school with an improvised explosive device and kill even more. Guns are not the problem. It's idiots like you running around wasting time, money and individual liberties attacking the problem from the wrong source and angle that delays identifying what's the real problem and actually doing something that works. Ban the big clips!! Ban the banana clips!!!! Them neener clips!!! You guys are like a tar and feather witch hunting mob. Goofballs.

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