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  • e1ephant e1ephant Jun 17, 2013 2:50 PM Flag


    All of my friends are getting the PS4. Only the guys who seem to get every new game are getting the Xbox One. Mindless fanboi's. But they're getting the PS4 also. So the PS4 is going to have the much bigger fanbase, better games, better online, etc. Bet on the PS4 being a popular success and the XBox One will only get respect from the fanbois (just like the original xbox, except this one won't have a good Halo to prop it up) Personally I think Microsoft should give everyone a free Xbox One to make up for the half dozen 360's we all burned through (RROD). Anyway I digress.


    1) PS4 WAY more successful than Xbox One. Long term and short.
    2) GTA5 breaks records. Prepare for record preorders as well. I can't wait to see them start pouring in about 6 weeks from now and SHUT UP all the idiots pointing at the preorder numbers 9mo before it comes out saying it's going to be a failure.
    3) TTWO is at $19.50 in 4months.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Read the article at Tech Crunch from yesterday called What Games Are. GTA might not set records, as I have been saying for some time. That article really puts it together well and explains with numbers, why there really has not been any true growth in number of gamers for some time. I won't waste your time explaining it here since you can read it yourself. It's pretty straight forward and many will doubt it and say why it is incorrect, but I doubt they will articulate themselves as well as the author of that article does.

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      • This writer is an idiot. He is basically an insider blaming the consumer for the industries self-cannibalism.

        I quote: "not enough has changed about how [the game industry] operates, and its core market’s unwillingness to be disrupted means that it continues to battle its own stasis."

        Umm, excuse me? No one asked developers to octuple their development costs. No one asked every game developer to pretend to be Martin Scorsese and put out these ridiculously boring and overpriced "cinematic experiences". We would all be a lot better off if we were still playing our PS2's (if PS2 came with WIFI and ethernet). Back then a lot of good games came out and we didn't have to hear the industry whine that it's not making enough money. Everyone just wishes they could play more fun games. People don't buy COD every year because they want the same thing over and over they buy COD because there's practically nothing else, and that's where the player base is. We just want to play together and have fun. It's the industries greed that has rotted it from the inside out.

        Case and point - the continuing popularity of the NES, SNES, and N64. This is what we need a return to - prolific game companies that can produce dozens of games with dozens of people, not one game with a thousand people. Not gadgets like the wiimote or the kinect. Not "better graphics" at the cost of worse game play.

        Anyway that writer is a deluded idiot.

      • Article gets some things right and some things wrong. I've already called for a renaissance in gaming of sorts. The destruction of mid-tier or niche franchises has put a hurt on many developers, but the key question is, how did we get here. If anyone should have learned anything from the Wii its that graphics are not the end all be all. I think if marketed correctly we could see a resurgence of lower budget created 2-d franchises if companies would invest in them. I miss 2-d RPG experiences like Xenogears, Final Fantasy 6, and Chrono Trigger. Where are these games at? They are on portable systems that no one buys anymore. I never understood why publishers never dual released these games for the console and the handheld. You should have allowed paying 40 or 50 bucks to play on both systems. No, I shouldn't have to purchase a PSP to play all these great PSP RPGs. Its a shame because there were so many more games I would have purchased if it wasn't on a handheld.

        Games like starbound which are going to cost 15 dollars being developed for a 10s of thousands of dollars are going to be highly profitable for their indy company. They are willing to communicate with the community while giving gamers exactly what they want. The big companies are so focused on numbers and demographics and sales projections that the actual "game" itself suffers. Take Square for instance. The mecca of RPGs. FF13 = disaster. By trying to dumb it down to a bigger audience they have driven away their niche consumer. Fact is, its the niche that pulls in the mainstream. Why do you think FF7 sold like gangbusters.

        Fortunately, TTWO has proven itself to be somewhat different than most. Yes, their is a yearly sports game. Yes, they too relay on FPS shooters like Borderlands to pick up that type of gamer. What they don't do is shovel out the same thing year in year out. They aren't afraid to apply a formula that worked in an entirely new way (Red Dead). Or change a formula 3 protags, in GTA.

      • Homer I haven't read the article yet, but I'll be looking it up in a minute. But, I'll make a little wager with you....if GTA DOES break records.....and IT WILL mr. negative!!lol No more naked dancing for homer for believing in GTA V!! I know you are mr. pessimism, but I think GTA is going to surpass everyone's wildest dreams. It will be like Willy wonka's chocolate factory....gamers will be salivating and waiting to play. Also, I can't believe the article.....I can't picture GTA not being on the next gen? Some how some way they will cross it over. Maybe with the add on missions like gay tony etc. Or maybe new missions with the same basic HUGE new sandbox. It would be a nice little bridge game to the new systems.

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