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  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Aug 16, 2013 2:15 AM Flag

    Confuse about GTA4

    On the first say sale it sold 3.6 copies and made 310 million rev= $86.22 per game
    For the first week it sold 6 million and make 500 million rev=$83.11
    So they are making 83 dollar per game? I got the information from wiki

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    • Console install base is 3x larger but how many of those consoles are broken, gathering dust in an attic or for resale somewhere? I would estimate the "usable" console install base to be 2x more to be on the conservative side. The big money maker here is going to be the gtav online experience and will herd in the PC gaming masses. Margins will be huge and i estimate 80% of all Steam users will buy the game at some point over the next 3 years. This game is going to make that COD record look silly.

    • Console are 3 time more then what they were are 2008. Does it mean we get at least a double to thier copies being sold on release day and week
      So if we sold 7.2 on release day, we would make 620 million in rev
      In the first week we do 12 million copies, we would make 1 billion beating COD first billion from 15 days

      If the online is for every gamer in the new copies but not used. I dont see why we wont break any records

      btw BAC ML Wells all expected GTA to sell 20 million this year and people now know there wont be any sale anytime soon and the used market would be hard to get a used copy. Might end up getting it the first week of sales and rub it in their friends face

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