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  • speculawyer9 speculawyer9 Sep 20, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    TTWO needs to look for some opportunistic acquisitions

    They are going to be flush with cash and meanwhile, ATVI is tied up in knots with their lawsuit. EA has a brand new CEO that is probably not ready for any big moves. This is the time to grab some IP or licenses if there are any available. I think that latter part is the real issue . . . most IP and licenses are not worth it. But if they can find something, this is the time.

    It would be really great if TTWO could add another annual product like NBA 2Kn and WWE 2Kn. But MLB is probably not worth it unless they can get a good deal. The NCAA stuff is a lawsuit mess. NFL is probably not up for grabs and might cost too much unless they can convince the NFL to go non-exclusive. NHL is probably not big enough to be worth it and it is hard to compete with those puckheads up at EA Canada. Perhaps some movie license if they get at least 2 years of lead time?

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    • They have to go after the NFL license. Football fans are clamoring for a different football game. EA has done such a #$%$ poor job with the franchise that a breath of fresh air is what's needed. It's gonna cost us money but I think its worth every penny if done right

    • More like AAPL should buy us for 3 billion since the game uses an iphone app and the characters always use a cellphone. Apple could have used it for in game advertising and would be the next step for them if they decided to get into the video game/home entertainment competition. Whoever owned the TTWO brands would have a leg up on a console war in my opinion. Most of the games I buy these days are made mostly from TTWO and Ubisoft. I don't buy EA or ATVI games. AAPL should put some of that cash to use.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Kingdom of amular was for sale

      I was a thq person before they went bk because stupid CEO but I see one ip would be a good one "the devil third"

    • Really excellent thoughts spec. IMHO I think TTWO should grab up 2 or 3 new, up and coming mobile gaming companies on the cheap and develop them correctly. All TTWO would need is one popular mobile game hit and it would send share price through the roof.

    • are there some very clever small studios they could purchase. They need talent

    • EA just hired their sport guy to run the company - I don't think they have the vision to compete with us. They are thinking too small. ATVI is stuck in its mess with Vivendi... I think TTWO should just continue to its strategy of making amazing quality games... When do you $1 billion in 3 days, that's a strategy that works... I just added to my position and will add more if we drop lower... and will keep adding... until the market wakes up... . It's hard to be bullish when the stock is not making sense... but in the long run fundamentals rule.. I plan to sell somewhere in the 30's next year.. Good luck!

    • inXile is a private company they could try to take under their wing, waistland II and "Torment: Tides of Numenera".

      ATVI ruined diablo, ttwo could make a better reboot.

      I never understood why people like sports games at all.

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