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  • wizoz1984 Sep 26, 2013 9:55 AM Flag

    Newbie to Stocks , I need some advice on TTWO

    Hey guys, I am a huge fan of Take Two, I never thought about getting into stocks but I want to start and learn... Im a gamer and I figure why not go with the company I like the most which is Take Two. When I wanted to buy the stock it was at 17.00 however I am still waiting for e-trade to open my account and now the stock is at 18.74, so my question is it is possible it will go down again? Or should I just purchase some at this price....I have no idea what to expect ?

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    • I'm new to stocks as well. I actually started off with this fantasy stocks app for a couple of weeks and then put in real money. As far as TTWO goes I think it'll keep going up and the earnings date will also give it a good bump. I'm looking to hold until the mid to low 20's. The main thing is to be patient and hold the stock through the ups and downs.

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    • I think you should get yourself an education first before you start wagering your hard earned money. Would you want a doctor operating on you if he/she never went to medical school? Probably not. I would recommend How to Make Money in Stocks by William O"Neill. I think it's a great place to get started from. JMO

    • Go to mises dot org to get a fundamental training in economics. Do their home study course, and go to their media section and search mp3's for "stocks"

    • Short term in the next few months I see going over 30 bucks do to Christmas, ridiculously good games, new consoles and ultra high sales meaning a crazy good earnings report in january/feb which will attract tons of investors. After it reaches 30 to 36 bucks. Sell. It is still a steal right now every year Ttwo releases gta...the number one game in the world. their sticks reach the highest.

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      • One last thing...yes the stocks have gone up and down over the years...but this is because Ttwo has been using lots of resources on gTA. It always goes up and down in between. But not during the release of this game. It will stay up during the excitement during Christmas. Wait until people a re playing this game every teen will be talking about this game. People buy on rumor. It will take just before 4th quarter earnings for this this hype to die down. That is a ways a way. I say buy before you kick yourself. Don't be greedy though. That is the killer. I lost a lot being greedy. Now I do what all the other seasoned investors do. By on rumor sell on news. Rumor will go on until 4th quarter

      • Put it this way, can you afford to lose all your money? I took a mega dose of gut wrenching weeks when the market bottomed out. Stress levels mega high, lost nearly 80% of my portfolio. The key question is, can you handle a loss of that magnitude. If you can't, wait for big pullbacks in the broad market and invest in an index based stock or something safer that pays a dividend. If you can handle getting hammered and dusting yourself off and getting back into the ring, then I suggest researching, number crunching, datamining, ect. before you invest. My first mistake in the market was buying something into a company I knew about. Big mistake on my part. I think buying companies you know is a good thing; however, you must maintain no emotional attachment to that company.

      • I meant stocks reach highest

    • Yes... it is very possible it will go down again - Look at a 5 year chart of TTWO.. Up down up down... You should only invest what you can afford to lose....

      Read some investing books... since you already seem to be someone who likes to "invest in what they know"... I suggest Peter Lynch - One Up on Wall Street.... It is somewhat dated, but there is a lot of great wisdom in that book... Another good one is The Warren Buffet Way... (learn from the best investor of our time)...

      Good Luck! One bit of advice though: Never fall in love with a stock...

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      • I think the pervious 5 year chart for TTWO isn't indicative. It is at a different place in the cycle re: consoles. (I think while it will be faster uptake than the ps3 360 era... but not as fast as people are thinking) Also if you look at the properties. 5 Years ago TTWO was not as dominant in the NBA, didn't have Red Dead Redemption (some of the most loyal fans, if forums are to be believed), BioShock was just getting going. When looking at GTA V I was trying to see if it had a chance at GOTY, and when I looked at it, the competition is really BioShock, another TTWO title, and Last of Us.

        I actually think there are two possibilities. We get bought out within a year. (right around the time people question, what is TTWO going to do for 2015, but before RDR chatter gets going) TTWO releases RDR to similar numbers to GTA V climbs the ladder to become a 'mostly' consistent company. The one wildcard for TTWO has always been rockstar, and I suspect that limits the takeover chatter somewhat, if random comments are to be believed.

    • since you are a gamer you should learn this game with fake money first. this is the biggest game ever trust me. heres a hint you dont have to turn on your tv to make money trading stocks.

    • I plan on holding until $20+ and still see this stock as a steal, but investing just because you like the company isn't a very good idea. If you are going to take a position I would wait for a little pullback since its been running the last 3 days but you never know it might keep running.

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    • Go study stocks before you jump in 'em. Just my 2 cents

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