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  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Sep 30, 2013 10:11 AM Flag

    Here some great promotion for GTA5

    WIth great Review about GTAonline people are buying GTA5 just to play it and some are left waiting for a sale to come. On Oct 1 ttwo would launch its online mode which like player play against each other, as a gamer i know gamer dont like to wait when you are reading great review and how fun the game it is. After reading everything about it, you say f it and get the game(that would be me but some dont want to spend the extra money because they are like that). After a month of release of GTAOnline, they do a discount of 10 dollar from gift cards to price cutting for a week to get the gamer another excuse just to buy the game. By black friday come cut the price on black friday to 39.99 just to keep the trend going of how good the game really is. Here is the list what they can do to make GTA5 the most sold game in history and would hold the record book until GTA6 comes out

    Oct1 GTA Online
    Nov 2 GTA5 would be mark down 10 dollars
    Black friday GTA5 mark down to 39.99
    Mid dec GTA5 launch on PC
    2014 jan GTA5 launches on X1 and PS4
    2014 feb GTA5 launch on low graphic PSP
    total units sold would be over 30+ million if they would do this

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    • You are not going to see PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of GTA V until next fiscal year. They need to spread out the revenue.

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      • A lot of PC users don't have consoles, the only reason I want a delay for PC is to make sure it is ported correctly.

        I don't think there will be a long delay for PC, because they advertised user generated content. That kind of stuff is usually easier to do on a PC. I suspect it will come out with or very close to the time that it GTA online is released.

    • For units, I don't think they need to discount until after xmas. Let the retailers sell it at a loss for black friday deals. Maybe provide free micro transactions, and keep the price up. The only reason to discount is if the used games start showing up. But given how Gamestop etc price, if you lower to 39.99, then the used game price drops even further, to the point where people might actually pick up the used rather than the full game. 55 vs. 60, I am just going to buy new. but 20 vs 39.99... I will probably buy used, especially that far from launch, and expecting goty editions on the horizon.

      I think we reach 30m units just on the launch of ps4/xboxone and pc. You really need to launch PC last. I personally would love to see pc launch at the same time as the GOTY editions... lets say 6-8 months out.

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