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  • philchen6180 philchen6180 Oct 7, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    Pipeline this and pipeline that can they get as near to this year quarter

    This year is going to be a record year for ttwo way bigger then the gta4 era. I see 3 billion from this year alone but what happen to next year right? What are the pipeline?

    Here is what i think going to happen
    GTA5 is going to help us make another 800 million and yes you type in right 800 million and maybe more why?
    PC gamer like me and my friend would all get it for PC MP would be allot easier to shoot and run with a mouse. I see PC selling 10 million copies for the year
    X1 and PS4 would sell 3 million total for the year and that is allot for a new console. Im saying this because i think GTA is a fun game but people love graphic and people are willing to trade up and buy a new copy and sell thier old one to gamestop
    GTA5 would be on sale but having allot of used copies out there from people selling to get a better graphic one, I dont see why not discount it to close to the used game price im positive people will buy it if it is $5-$10 over the used copies for me i would

    Now for GTA Online i see getting 200 million just from DLC and in games content which mark us up to 1 billion in sales just for GTA5

    Then I see the yearly game like NBA WWE MLB and i hope they would sign with the NCAA since EA is not doing it anymore. Those revenue would add around 500 million total for all 3. That would leave us at 1.5 billion revenue

    This we have games that are a year old and selling cheap Like
    BL2 GOY
    BI GOY
    RDR remake to PC port and digital for ps4 and x1
    All those adds up to 200 million in revenue. With that it give us up to 1.7 billion with no new game release beside those yearly revenue.

    They have patent like 6-7 names forgot most of the names I remember a couple

    They also have another game they bought from THQ that Turtle ROck was making for 2 years should be release. If things comes out right then next year add 2 new games to the pipe line we should add another 500 million to the revenue would mark us at 2.2 billion

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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