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  • tydurban tydurban Oct 8, 2013 4:58 PM Flag


    Ttwo might end this Q with nearly $1B in cash. I anticipate $500M in profit for the Q added to their current cash should be $1B. A dividend of half that would be $5 a share.

    At this point i would prefer a large dividend. Im not that trustworthy of management and with the way this stock behaves and is manipulated Im not sure we will ever see $20 without a divi. If we were grossly undervalued when the market was at it all time historical high a couple weeks ago along with a highly successful gta launch i dont see any reason why we wouldnt be grossly undervalued in the longterm.

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    • I would prefer Shares Buy back and buying IPS that are great for the company

    • So pessimistic. The company could grow for yrs and yrs.

    • The good thing about having that much cash on the books & having a market cap so low.. is that many attractive scenarios can play out:

      1) Ichan may make a cheap bid for the company (low $20's) to take the cash, load up the company with debt & IPO it later...
      2) The threat of the special dividend may pressures potential suitors like ATVI to make a move - it would be a waste to allow all cash to flow out off the books when it could be used to prop up a takeover... The news lights a fire under any interested acquiring company...
      3) If the dividend/ buyback ultimately is issued, then the stock will rise & TTWO & shareholders are rewarded... I suspect $5 would be very high more like $2-$3 per share (possibly paired with a further buyback)... with maybe a potential for a second dividend if GTA continues to sell through Christmas or GTA Online brings in the cash...

    • why would you want a dividend that is suicide for TTWO. If your going to give 500m to a dividend what happens next year? Nothing the company has nothing to show for that 500million because it is gone.

      Buyback stocks will decrease the amount of shares out there and increase EPS since there is less shares. It will also let you sell them back at a later date if the company needs liquidity.

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      • globull Oct 8, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

        Zombie, there are only about 130M shares outstanding of ttwo. This is both a gift and curse. It makes it very easy to manipulate and makes it very easy to short squeeze. Im not certain less shares is the answer here anymore. I would personally prefer more of a meta technique. I would like to see a $1 dividend, a 25M share buyback, a complete elimination of all debt and pursuit of a new major IP. Hit em' from all angles.

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