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  • tex7779 tex7779 Jul 30, 2009 2:11 PM Flag

    Some very strange volume today

    Given today's great rally, took some profits from some of my positions and decided to put some more into our little and much ignored CLRS.

    Here is a summation of today's strange volume.

    1. Right at the market open someone dumped 335 shares at 3.98.

    2. That was followed later in the morning or so by a 300 share buy or sell at 3.98 again.

    3. So I place an order for 2k shares at 4.00 at about 1:40 PM and it took a number of trades to fill; first a 400 share trade, then a 1000 then the remaining 600.

    4. At that time the total volume of the day was 2,635 shares.

    5. Then, all hell brakes loose and someone bought 250,000 shares also at 4.00. I am quite confident that this was a buy for if someone had wanted to dump that many shares, our little pup would have tanked.

    As an aside, there is no doubt in my mind that the 250,000 share trade was arranged between the buyer and seller.

    The big question here once again is, who is the mystery drive by shooter who comes in an buys a bunch and disappears.

    Is Kanders buying some more or are there others who have reason to believe that something ... anything of value is soon to be announced about this long sought strategic merger that Kanders has told us he wanted to do for OH so long a time.

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    • Okay, let's wait, at least until Thursday. However with this I cannot agree: "there really is no need or value to have any kind of news output because there is no news". News would be what BoD is doing to look after shareholder value when circumstances change and the company starts operating at a loss and the tax credits start expiring. I think your statement precludes transparency and accountability. Why any retail shareholder would want that, especially in todays environnment, is beyond reason.
      This is a publicly held company. Just my humble opinion.

    • Star:

      How would it be possible for Kanders to take CLRS private without paying shareholders what they want. Anybody who sells at these low levels has only themselves to blame.

    • Star:

      I have already posted to the fact that Kanders has already announced quite some time ago, that when CLRS is ready to have a merger, only then will they have a conference call associated with quarterly financial reports.

      Until such time, there really is no need or value to have any kind of news output because there is no news.

      Be patient. I have been following Kanders since 2002. He made me money during the last round and I am convinced that he will do so again.

    • Who is "we", aliases on a message board? Learn how to read and comprehend.

    • [[[ You are asking silly questions, because no-one here knows the answers, there could be all kinds of reasons. ]]]

      So let me get this straight, you say we ask silly questions because nobody here has the answers. Therefore we must speculate, then you decide to speculate yourself.

      The questions are not silly, they're very legit because the facts don't jive. You don't need a factual answer to read between the lines. You don't seem to have a problem with reading between the lines, why should we?

    • Tex,
      I know you've been on this board as long as I have. It's amazing to me that you still believe in this pile of rocks. The market has been on an absolute TEAR the last 5 months and you've had some of your money parked here! Come on, Kanders is the only guy at the BID. It's been what? Eight YEARS. He's not going to do anything with his pot of gold. He won. Now he's swimming in the spoils of his success. Move on. Last one out, turn off the lights.

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      • Ebshor:

        FWIW, I believe that Kanders will do what is best for him and by extension it will be fine for us.

        Kanders has put a lot of his own money into CLRS, several millions of $'s. Just look how much he spent late last year.

        Kanders came along at the right time to kick out the prior management, who was clearly on a path to rip off the shareholders, long story.

        We will see soon enough what Kanders will do next.

    • "others who have reason to believe that something ... anything of value is soon to be announced" Every time a large block moves, someone puts up words like this. It has been going on for years now, but look at the shareprice. Still in the ditch, no news whatsoever. Ho-hum.

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