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  • bronkonagurski1908 bronkonagurski1908 Jul 31, 2009 1:04 PM Flag

    Kanders conf call!!!! Communication!

    Kanders has announced a conference call for next Thursday, I think this will be a first. I hate to assume, but he just might be announcing a deal to acquire a company or at least explain his grand plan.

    Either way, communication is a good step forward.

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    • A while back Kanders announced that CLRS will not be having any kind of conference calls until such time that CLRS will have an opportunity to update its shareholders on the asset deployment status.

      The fact that Kanders has now announced a conference call is indicative of essentially two possibilities.

      1. He has found the right match with further details, or

      2. He has not found a good match and thus will liquidate the company to get his money back as well as for the other shareholders.

      IMESHO, Kanders will announce some type of merger for this cash deployment. I say this because over the last week we have seen some very strange volume pickup. Let's face it. Something always leakes out and the big money ( at least that big money that is actually aware of CLRS ) well those folks have started to place their bets. It is ironic that earlier in the day of when the CC was announced is when we saw volume of 250,000 shares within just a few minutes. No-one is going to tell me that this volume spike was pure coincidence.

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      • My guess is the CC will be nothing more than an update. If he didn't find anything to invest in earlier this year he certainly hasn't found anything now. Again, why the hell would he want to find something to invest in? Why would he want to give himself more work to do and have no change in quality of life?

        I bet he'll just update everyone on the time left on the NOLs, tell everyone they're still open to interesting acquisitions, and take no questions.

        The next time you get updated the NOLs will expire and he'll cash out.

        I do hope you make your return. You've been very patient. I think you're analyzing this investment opportunity strictly by the stats (cash > market cap; no debt; NOLs, etc...) and are ignoring the "act in one's own self interest" component.

        I must admit, I too am interested to hear what he has to say on Thursday. I admire Kanders' brass balls for pulling this thing off in the first place. I'm sticking around just to learn how it all plays out. One day CLRS will be one of those Harvard Business Studies exercises for the MBA students.

    • I cannot believe people still think Kanders is going to do ANYTHING with his free money bag.

      My bet: He'll announce he's confident he'll find a deal but nothing has worked out to date.

      My second bet: He won't take any questions.

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      • Answer me this, ebschor.

        If Kanders wanted to bleed the company dry and line his pockets, why would he keep buying large amounts of stock over the past several years?

        Instead, he could have kept his original controlling interest stake and bled off the cash into his pocket as he saw fit. Admittedly he did suck in some cash over the past 6 years as no acquisition was made, but if your theory is correct why didn't he just keep doing it this way instead of buying hundreds of thousands of shares?

    • Yes, one would assume there is something to actually announce, a miracle.

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