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  • sideshow32raheem sideshow32raheem Sep 30, 2009 11:03 AM Flag

    Increased volume today and yesterday

    50k shares yesterday, already 50k this morning. Probably doesn't mean a whole lot at least on the surface, but you never know.

    Since this stock basically trades for its hard cash value, Kanders buying shares makes zero sense if his intent is to suck the company dry. In doing this, he is paying someone else a dollar so he can suck a dollar from the CLRS treasury. Net gain for him = 0.

    If he wanted to line his own pockets, he could do so without paying you, me or others to do it.

    Obviously the company is worth more to him alive then dead.

    You can say what you want, but you won't convince me otherwise unless you can effectively dispute the above reasoning.

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    • While I cannot speculate about volume, your assumptions about him not wanting to suck this dry are spot on.

      He has built and sold a multibillion dollar business. The salary he used to earn barely moved the needle.

      Investing in CLRS is not unlike investing in a very liquid limited partnership at a discount. However, the kicker is that this limited partnership will not pay taxes for years. That free cash flow can go a long way...

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