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  • bronkonagurski1908 bronkonagurski1908 Mar 16, 2010 11:38 AM Flag

    Close a deal

    Nothing else to do...just close a deal or 2-3 smaller deals. Put the cash to work and start monetizing the NOLs.

    Obviously they almost closed a deal last Fall.....get it done.

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    • As much as I am disappointed ... again ... that a deal could not be done, I have been in Clarus since 2001 and a few more months will not make much of a difference. Going forward my cash invested in Clarus would be earning 0.25% APY at best.

      My suggestion is to look at it in this fashion. It is to Kanders' best interest to finally close on a good deal and do so soon. As I posted before, the guy, IMHO, lives for making deals and his deal making future will come to a screeching halt if he does not make something happen soon. JMESHO.

      Remember, Kanders poured over $ 5 million of his own money into Clarus in the second half of 2008. He already controlled the company, then why on earth would a reasonably rational person want to do that when there plenty of solid blue chip companies trading very cheaply. Just look at companies like Intel, virtually no debt, a boat load of cash, a clear leader in their market place and only now the market seems to be recognizing its value.

      In summary, let us all be patient.

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