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  • tex7779 tex7779 Mar 25, 2010 9:53 AM Flag

    Here we go again, there is someone out there that wants to fool you

    Right at the open, someone " dumped " 100 shares at the market, clearly wanting to give the impression that people should sell as the pps plunged down to 4.40. This, however, was followed by another trade at 9:41 AM, also for 100 shares but back to where we closed yesterday, 4.65.

    It does look like that someone is trying really hard to manipulate our little pup down so that they can buy more at a lower price. Can't blame them for trying.

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    • This stock is so thinly traded that all this manipulation conspiracy theory stuff you post all the time is a waste of your efforts. Everyone here knows how thinly traded it is and understands how easily the stock can move from just one trade. I mean I even made the stock pop a couple percentage points one day only to read you interpretting the meaning in deal volume from my trades as some kind of conspiracy or gaming of the system.

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      • MCD:

        Everyone has their own opinions.

        The high volume day I was referring to was the 349,000 share day that we saw recently. I sincerely doubt that it was you who bought the 340,000 plus shares.

        The point of my post was simply that some one or several folks ( a few ) are trying to accumulate as much of CLRS as possible for the lowest price possible.

        As you so well have observed, this is a thinly traded stock and given that, if someone wanted to accumulate as many shares as possible in the shortest time frame, then that party would want to do whatever necessary to get others to sell.

        Essentially speaking our little CLRS is either traded in a normal random fashion as you propose or someone is targeting it. In fact, how would you describe today's trading activity. Was it just some random sellers / buyers showing up like any other day or would you say that today's volume and price movement was somewhat out of the ordinary.

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