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  • abillionreasons abillionreasons Apr 1, 2010 12:08 PM Flag

    Looks good

    I don't have any special insight that a deal is underway, and I hate those that think every move in a stock is because "someone knows something". But if there ever was a case where it will be easy for many to get clues that a deal is underway CLRS is it. So I very much like the increased activity at higher prices, hard to believe it is not based on some reality.

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    • Looking really good now.

      It would appear that something might finally happen wrt to a deal. At least let's hope so.

      I like the volume pickup with ever higher closing prices near the ask.

    • My uneducated guess is that they were trying to bail out or save sidgq, one of their other holdings that went sour in that time frame last year.

    • It seems the compensation and incentives, the high rent and payroll, are footed by this entity (our entity) in support of others in which we do not have an interest. In respect to options, I doubt this is a major concern, since if they are lost, how much of a problem would it be to grant themselves new ones? There is little sharing of our fate as general shareholders, they are getting paid, we are not. There is so much room for mischief here, it seems to me this could be a money machine for insiders... but not the general shareholders. Who after all is looking after our best interests, we being the henhouse? Just my humble opinion.

    • Something is clearly underway here.

      Today's volume of 267,000 certainly trumped the 3-month daily average by a very long shot.

      Just look at the daily volumes over the last several weeks.

      A reasonable person has got to ask, who is doing the buying. My guess is, based on the high volume trades, that it is one or more hedge funds or other institutional investors. If so, then what has changed from yesterday when we had volume of 10,600 shares to today.

      The only logical explanation that makes sense to me is that these " funds " did not want to own as much of our little pup last quarter as compared today. But why would they want to own it more this quarter ?

      What is abundantly clear and that is Kanders wants to make a deal and it is to his own best interest to do so soon.

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