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  • tex7779 tex7779 Apr 29, 2010 8:57 PM Flag

    Whatever is going on here ... I like it

    Will this keep going ?

    I sure hope so ... till a deal is announced.

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    • I wish I could agree, but the only thing I see is that sellers are drying up as someone else observed. That's a good thing, but portends no imminent material development until we see some consistent in 100K+ volume every day for a week or so.

      I like the fact that fewer people are willing to get rid of their shares right now, probably because they recognize very little downside and lots of upside. But that can and will change if silence drags on.

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      • Though you are looking for 100k share volume days for confirmation, IMESHO, you will not see that type of volume until a deal is announced and the big money has an opportunity to digest the details in particular the industry and company that Kanders hooked up with.

        As you so well pointed out, the sellers are drying up. Thus, any major player that wants to buy 50k or even 100k shares will have to really bid up the price to be able to get that many shares ... all in the absence of any news.

        However, there is, of course, the possibility that some news leaks out to some of the major players but they will risk a visit from SEC investigators, but then again ... this being on the pink sheets and a small player ... they might be able to do it anyway.

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