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  • zd_bar zd_bar Nov 27, 2012 12:56 PM Flag

    Did they patent the whole process, or just

    Did they patent the whole process, or just the parts that don't result in an explosion that takes out the plant? Talk about a business that is ripe for someone to build a better mouse-trap. Good news, we blew up your more mice.

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    • Try putting together 1 cohesive thought. Then come back and try again...

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      • Come back for what? Try what?

      • personally i think this is guy is a clown , but realistically , this all isnt the greatest of news for a small cap company epecially , remember guys these companies rise in value based on business and valuations nothing else. When you have a tragic incident like what happened with this plant , the impact is crazy. People will lose jobs, company production will suffer short term for sure, if that wasnt the case then you wouldnt have the company halting the stock. They knew what will happen. Facts are Facts, we have a short candidate on this dead cat bounce, the stock hit new year lows at 2.11 and on today's dumping type volume all it could do after such a big drop is stay in a range of the 2.30s and low 2.40s for most of the trading session. My targets initially are $1.60 very soon when the real unloading begins !! as you can see from today's action market makers have had this stock go in a range and stay there all day at 2.32 to 2.40 , once new lows are broken in a day or so ,we will see it in the 1.60s shortly and then maybe even less than 1. NO Production and less employess is never good . prayers are still with the families who lost their lives but in terms of a stock picking perspective this is a clear dead cat bounce which had nothing left now. New lows coming in the following days !!

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