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  • mckenyon31 mckenyon31 Jan 28, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

    NEPT best kept secret??

    I have followed NEPT for about a year, not too long after I got into AMRN. I was checking out AMRN's competition and liked what I saw in NEPT. Fortunately I was not invested in NEPT at the time of the explosion. However, after NEPT's stock price collapsed, from the $3 range to below $2, I established an initial position at $1.84 and have added shares since. Anyway, I check this message board frequently and am stunned at the lack of activity considering the recent run-up in price. Just about every other Yahoo message board is flooded with 'pumpers' and 'bashers' who make it difficult to determine sincere and genuine posts. I hope this post does NOT invite (knock on wood) such activity. But I do hope perhaps other NEPTUNE follows and/or shareholders might be willing to contribute their insights on NEPT. Most of what I have read has suggested the company is on pace to meet its plan for recovery and that the stock, even at these prices, is still undervalued.

    It was encouraging to see the 'bounce' off, I believe the 200-MA ($2.52) earlier this morning. Technically it has had a run of higher highs and higher lows, which seems encouraging as well.

    Any other insights and/or perspectives??

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    • Neptune currently has a $165mm mkt cap.
      $113mm - 61% stake in Acasti
      $40mm - cash on hand

      This values Neptune's nutraceutical business and IP at only $12mm or .20 per share.

      When they reach an outsourcing agreement which they are working on right now and they have their production facility up and running by the end of this year, this nutraceutical business (currently valued at .20 per share) IMO will be worth more than the current share price alone, not including the Acasti stake or cash on hand. Acasti had a very promising preview of their phase II trials which was neglected by the market due to an illogical article coincidentally published the same day as by a trader who was short the stock. Anyone who shorted this stock on a poor recommendation is in bad shape now.

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    • You cannot look at NEPT in isolation.. 62% of ACST is owned by NEPT and they are the biotech firm in Ph II study that will drive the share price of NEPT.. High expectations of strong Ph II results..

      Near term, I want to see NEPT being absolved of the accident that burnt the factory to the ground so they can start rebuilding in March.. Long term share holder here and have no plans to sell either NEPT or ACST, both of which I own on Canadian side where it trades as NTB.TO and APO.V ..

      Volume on both the markets were very high today so something is cooking.. Not sure what though..

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