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  • zebra887 zebra887 Oct 19, 2011 6:53 PM Flag

    Shorting oil, gold, silver and stocks

    In my opinion a very good article with a good explanation of the issues in Europe and the ultimate deflationary effect on share prices especially those of precious metals.

    "It is our opinion that significant pain is yet necessary to galvanize support around what needs to be done in both Europe and the U.S. The population in both continents does not support the measures necessary to get U.S. out of the current debacle, but they will once things get bad enough. In this vein, we expect fiscal stimulus and QE3 from the U.S., but only after things get so bad that the population is left clamoring for them. We expect a massively deflationary period followed by yet another bazooka of government intervention being fired to inflate our economy."

    I agree with the assesment of the macro situation presented by the author of the fine article you posted, eagleroclso, and with the consequences he anticipates in the markets.It looks to me like better days for precious metals are some ways off.. I am not ready to stand pact and see capital lost...defensive actions are a must, imho.

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    • The permabulls have some explaining to do....

      How is it that as the European crisis worsens that the metals go down....could it be a deflationary moment, billions of euros of write offs. ..Turk talks about a Lehman moment on the horizon, supposedly bullish for gold and silver....REALITY CHECK..the last Lehman moment saw silver crash to $10 and miners almost go to zero...

      Seems to me that there will be a deflationary shock to the market in the next couple of months in not DAYS but after that there will be a money printing reflex to the horrific deflationary consequences of sovereign and bank failures...One wants to have plenty of cash to buy the BIG DIPPER....which feels like it is coming, possibly very soon....Watch out below; the selling should have already been done. Can we count on the European to solve their own problems? I have a déjà vu sense this is much like 1939, but the war is against deflation..good fortune to all PM longs...

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