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  • insect_insight insect_insight Dec 3, 2012 5:33 AM Flag

    NO surprise to read silver SUCKERS mocking my superior trading skills


    And one final point: on a pure technical basis, DEC will be HELL month for all things gold, silver, and USELESS.

    Nor will the AMATEUR pumpers and DISINFO shills succeed in preventing these DYING golds and silvers from ending up in the toilet where they belong. For more than a year, on every gold and silver message board, the same mindless NONSENSE is favorite being...takeover coming....takeover coming.......except there is NOT a single healthy company (especially the next to DEAD juniors) that could mount a takeover. In fact, where the next to DEAD juniors are concerned, NOBODY would want to buy them for even ZERO pennies, NOT for even ZERO pennies....because there is NO need to explore for another single ounce of gold or silver in a world DROWNING in both USELESS metals.

    Can you even conceive of any company buying the AG superbubble???? I mean, which company in the FATALLY WOUNDED gold and silver sector is in any financial position to mount a TO offer for this joke??

    Answer: NOBODY, they are ALL in bad shape.

    Ladies, SMARTER pros are heavily SHORT these DYING gold and silver jokes, and many are doing so on a leveraged NAKED basis, safe in knowing that, in ALL BEAR market sectors, the rallies are typically PUNY, PHONY, and ERASED within a day, often in mere HOURS. Those DELUSIONALS who imagine that golds or silvers can "double" or "triple" on the basis of a "short squeeze" are ALL AMATEUR IDIOTS, since every SMART market historian knows that is IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE during a BEAR market, and you can NOT deny golds and silvers are now in a BEAR market.

    Live and learn from your intellectual superiors, ladies, Live and LEARN!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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