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  • equine_genius equine_genius Jul 8, 2013 2:18 PM Flag

    I very accurately warned gpl and axu silver bagholders some two years ago...


    ...and only amateur fools ignore my equally smart warnings about dying silvers, AG, PAAS, SLW, SLV, SSRI, EXK, etc., all on a fast path to the pink sheets, once reality finally dawns upon the silver bagholder dupes.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Silver up 7.7% in the last month as opposed to gold up 2.95%, obvious change in dynamics happening as the historical ratio average is 60-1 silver to gold but has come down to 20-1 on the low end and as high as 200-1 when silver was 4.82 an ounce. We might not be going to 20-1, but we are falling under the average and how far it goes we will see. Silver has been 50.00 per ounce twice in history, 1980 and 2010 and to say that it won't happen again is a mistake. When I don't quite know, but I know why, MINIPULATION AND GREED. Shorting silver now is suicide but it's your money so I won't post any ridiculous trash or call you a fool or pat myself on the back and tell you how smart I am, but I will tell you are an amateur for sure at best that abuses these social network boards and judging by your personality you are a loner and don't have many friends either. I feel sorry for you and hope you grow up and become a man and learn how to interact with others without flaunting your false ego and making such a #$%$ out of yourself. Good Night.

    • Your day is done.

    • well, at least you are not pathetically answering your own posts...can you imagine how embarrassing that might be?

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